Efficacy of colocynth 30 in the treatment of sciatica

Efficacy of colocynth 30 in the treatment of sciatica

Dr Monal T Jadhav

The topic of study was “Efficacy of Colocynth 30 in treatment of Sciatica”. The study consisted of two parts theoretical and practical. The theoretical study was completed by, collecting and compiling the data going through authentic literature about Sciatica and Homoeopathic approach with details of miasmatic background ,materiamedica books for references of colocynthis pain in sciatica.

In the second phase detailed practical study was completed. This study was done by collecting the data and treating the 30 patient presenting with symptoms of Sciatica where Colocynth were prescribed.

For this project, I have studied 40 cases in my pilot study, but I have reported only 30 cases as required for incorporation in this dissertation. The study of 30 cases includes female and male 7. The maximum patients from age group 30to 60 years. The maximum patients having severe intensity of complaints before treatment.Psora and Sycosismiasm was found in most of patients The potency I used is 30C.The improvement in pts showed. Marked improvement shown in 19 patients. Moderate improvement in 5 patient‟s .Mild improvement in 6 patients. The study shows that the counseling, regular exercise, dietary management and weight reduction was must for early results in all cases. All the results are obtained from my study were duly analyzed and represented systematically in a concise form, statistically in form of tables, graphs and pie diagrams which are easy to understand. Thus from this study at the end I can say that I am satisfied with the efficacy of clocynthis 30 in the treatment of sciatica.

Key words: Sciatica, Colocynth, Hommoeopathy.

Sciatica is associated with the low back pain. As, now a days low back pain is very common in people due to sedentary life style and which reoccur again and again. The pain which radiates from the lumbar to the thigh than to below knee to the feet is the sciatic pain. The Vertebrae which affected the nerve root are L4,L5 & S1.

Sciatica is a symptom not a disease. It mostly affected on one side of leg with local pain sharp knife or needle like shooting pain, numbness, weakness of lower limb, stinging sensation. Sciatica is having Acute or Chronic Pain. In 90% of these cases relieved with the conservative treatment and only the 5% of cases become chronic. Acute pain is for 2-3 months and chronic pain lasts for more than 3 months. Occupation play an important role in sciatica mostly due to the occupation only the pain caused, sitting for longer time as IT people in front of computer for 6-8 hours, standing for long duration like teachers or housewife ,or driving daily for long journey on bike its vibration of the whole body can affect spine and lead to Sciatica.

INCIDENCE:-Sciatica pain suffering the people is about 70-80%. The 5% of cases becoming chronic. In the industrial area in india the incidence is 11% in textile labour. Men are mostly affected than women.

Aim : To Study The Efficacy of Colocynth 30 in the Treatment Of Sciatica.


  • To study the effect of colocynth 30 in the treatment of sciatica.
  • To provide low cost treatment with no side effects.

NULL HYPOTHESIS- Colocynth is not effective in the treatment of Sciatica.

The study will be carried out in Bharti Vidyapeeth MedicalFoundation’s Homoeopathic Hospital, OPD, IPD, clinics of senior homoeopathic physicians as well as in private clinic and hospital set up. Theoretical study of sciatica will be done from the texts books of Orthopedics, Practice of medicine,previous researches done on sciatica, Homoeopathic material medica books, Homoeopathic journals, Authentic websites, Clinical books. The study of homoeopathic part of topic will be study from various books.

30 cases of Sciatica will be studied. The case taking will done by standard case taking Performa as per homoeopathic principles. The follow up will be taken in hospital,urban and rural camp series and OPD. Patients will be selected on the basis of symptomatology & as per inclusion &exclusion criteria. Patients of both sexes will be include in study as per case definition. Patients of ethnic group socio economic status and occupation will be considered for the study. Patients will be selected on the basis of symptomatology. Patients with Systemic diseases like diabetes, immunocompromised diseases.Cases of fracture of pelvis, dislocation of hip, compression and trauma of sciatic nerve, osteoarthritis will exclude in study. Pts not fullfilling the age criteria.


  • Crampy pain in hip, as though screws in a vise; lies upon affected side.
  • Shooting pain, like lightning shocks, down the whole limb, left hip, left thigh, left knee, into popliteal fossa.
  • Numbness , tingling, dull sensation.
  • amelioration by hard pressure & heat, aggravation at night.
  • Radiating pain.

Minimum 30 cases satisfying the case definition and inclusion and exclusion criteria will be studied, Follow up of every pts was recorded regularly with an interval of 7days or 15days,Help of guide, senior Homoeopathic physician, from allied science, researchers will be taken. Different articles, journals, and articles of various authors will be studied altogether, The remedy Colocynth is selected due to: Its similarity of sphere of action upon the nerve which cuased neuralgia of sciatica. It acts upon the nerve so it reduce the neuralgic pain . The homoeopathic case taking and physical examination SLR TEST will be perform. and the selection of remedy is done according to the symtomatology of colocynth. The Potency selection and repetition of dose will be done according to Homeopathic posological guidelines. The drug is Colocynth and potency is 30c. The potency and repetition of doses will be vary from patient to patient. This will be done through oral route, 2pills bd. Investigations will be done as per requirement from standard laboratory – XRAY ,CT/ MRI.

Patient as a person – detailed case taking as per the homoeopathic Performa will be done.

Homoeopathic treatment Colocynth 30c, BD 2pills.

Proper diet and regimen,calcium, magnesium,vitamin D3 and vitamin B all green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits etc.

Rest is necessary fr the treatment of sciatica, rest on hard Pressure for 2- 3 weeks.

Auxiliary line of treatment. i.e. advise phsiotheray – hot formentation and exercise.

Follow up will differ from patient to patient either in 7days or 15 days.

Standard follow-up sheet: data entry regarding symptomatology and reduced in complaints.

These will be done on the basis of following criteria – Good – more than 75% relief of symptoms in patients and even the SLRT test should be negative in sufferer. Moderate – 50 – 75% relief of symptoms in the patients. Poor – less than 25% relief of symptoms in the patients all the sign of SLRT test is positive.

All cases of Sciatica of both sexes and the age group of 30 – 60 years of age are taken under my the study. 30 cases were taken of sciatica for my study.Sciatica is is very common and daily routine condition now a days and colocynth is a remedy act on neuralgia i.e. sciatic nerve and itsall time used remedy by the physician.

The total 42 pts are registered for the study and 12 patients are dropped out from study. The main reson to dropped out from study was treatment taken allopathy most patient were abusing analgesic and steroids without any proper medical advice. The steroid dependent sciatica patients were given poor response to treatment.

The study of gender was done to identify the incidence with the presenting complaints of sciatica  and the incidence found was more in female i.e. 70% and male i.e.30% in my study but in general the incidence of sciatica is more in male compared to female.

The age group I took for my study is 30 -60 yrs of age as it is very rarely below the age of 20yrs of patients. The pts of 30 – 60 yrs of age were enrolled for the study having complaints of sciatica. Highest number of pts I got from the age group 50-60 yrs i.e. 40% an age group 40-50 i.e.33.33% and age group 30-40yrs i.e.26.66%. in the group of 30-60 yrs I got 9males and 21 females in my study.

The remedy I  prescribed is colocynth 30 in my study for all the 30 pts, as colocynth is a routine remedy for sciatica  and its action is upon sciatic nerve.

On studying the 30 cases I found that 19 cases i.e. 63% shows marked improvement and the 5 cases shows 16% moderate improvement and the 6 cases shows 20% mild improvement. Potency i selected for my study is 30c which is convenient potency in doing research in all sort of cases its shows marked improvement. Here we can say homeopathic remedy is effective in cases of Sciatica. Intensity of the complaints was assessed before and after treatment, as by the SLRT. There was an improvement in weakness of lower limb, numbness, SLRT sign.

The study showed that homoeopathic remedy Colocynth act very effectively in the sciatica cases of right side and even the left side.

Homoeopathic medicines have convincing potential to reduce the pain intensity and improve the quality of life of sciatic patients by reducing pain numbness, weakness of limb.

The age group got relief is in 30-40 is 8 i.e 26.66% 1 male and 7 female  ,age group 40-50 is 10 i.e.33.33% 3 male and 7 female and age group 50-60 is i.e.40% 12 male and 7 female.

It also used in limiting progress of the disease without any adverse systemic effects. Along with homoeopathic medicines Exercise forms an integral part in the management of sciatica.

Protection of the sciatc nerve from further damage by reducing stress on the joint and limb like avoid squatting position, excessive use of stairs, using Indian toilets .Along with homeopathic homeopathic medicine the exercise and physiotherapy is important, for the strethening the muscle.

Avoid smoking because smokers are more prone to suffer from sciatica. Obesity is also an triggering factorof sciatica so, weight reduction is veryimportant in obese people to avoid from sciatica.

The SLRT test play an important role diagnosis of sciatica all the 4 sign are imp for examination, ifr the laseguesign is positive means it is the case of sciatica. Further studies with more no of subjects can provide a greater resource forproving that Colocynth is effective and efficient in treatment of Sciatica.

Comparative studies along with other system of medicine can also Be helpful for better results.

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Dr.Monal T. Jadhav PG Scholar
Preactice Of Medicine Department.
Bharti Vidyapeeth Homoeopathic Medical college, Pune
Uder the Guidance – Dr. A.V.Patil MD(Hom) D.H.M.(PUNE)

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