Electrohomeopathy is not a viable system of Medicine – Ministry of Health Govt of India

The fifth meeting of the interdepartmental committee refused to approve Electrohomoepathy as a viable system of medicine in India

Electro-homeopathy as a system of medicine lacked detailed and authentic scientific information and data, without which the interdepartmental committee was unable to properly assess the viability of the system and progress further.

The committee unanimously rejected the proposal to accept the electro-homoepathy as a system of medicine in India

Download Minutes of the meeting

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Electropathy practitioners cannot use Dr prefix, Kerala HC- and should not practise modern medicine, homeopathy or any other systems of medicine.


  1. Looks like homeopathy is jealous seeing the treatment results of electro homeopathy. I can smell something fishy in ur head.

    • No it not so. We accept if named Electropathy. They are misusing the name of homoeopathy and deceiving naive public in the name of homoeopathy which is much more superior and refined. Also they are using homoeopathic medicines openly.

  2. Who told electro homoepathy medicine is not system it you are prescribed Patten homoepathy medicine which wrong according to as homoepathy principal actually Patten medicine derived from Electro homoepathy medicine system

  3. Dear homeopathy dr
    If u don’t know the entire fact regarding the meeting ,pls don’t give wrong news which create painic

    IDC has not rejected or refused to reconise ,it has only demanded some more documents

  4. Please don’t create panic by spreading wrong news. We are in conversation with government for recognition for system

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