Prafull Vijayakar Memorial Book

Prafull Vijayakar – A Homoeopath with a scientific bent- a Memorial Book by National Journal of Homoeopathy

Imbibing the characters of a diligent teacher, he motivated every homoeopathic student to practice homeopathy. Those homoeopathic doctors who passed out of the college and used to practice Allopathy, drifted away from Allopathy and started practising Homeopathy again due to Dr Vijayakar’s teaching. When this occurred with not hundreds but thousands of students from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, it became a crusade and mission. Dr Vijayakar was able to transform the students through his seminars and scientific explanations. He literally influenced every practising homeopath to revisit the philosophy of homeopathy as laid down by Hahnemann, and nurtured further by others.

Prafull Vijayakar Memorial Book  by National Journal of Homoeopathy

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