Siliicea: An evolution through ages

Dr Krutik H Shah.   

According to 117 Aphorism; “Each and Every remedy is Unique and Irreplaceable”. There are no Surrogates.

Dr. Allen says that “We need to know our remedies as our friends, so that we can be able to distinguish it amongst other similar looking remedies”.

According to 212 Aphorism; “Nature has made every so unique that it possesses unique internal characteristics even though they may look similar externally from one to another.

Hahnemann with his penetrating vision and the process of potentization invented a medicine which covers wide range of symptomatology and became a “Surgeon’s Knife” due ti its deepest affinity where the scalpel of an anatomist or surgeon will fail to reach.

Silicea as a child:
Silicea children are intellectual, pale, thin, and delicate. They come from elite, highly educated family. They are imperfectly nourished; not from the want of food but from imperfect assimilation. Child takes good food but either it is vomited out or imperfect assimilated which makes the child to grow weaker and weaker & eventually dies until the Silicea checks the process.

1. Over-Stimulation:
Silicea children are very intellectual, very serious and very proper. Their intelligence is so great that it takes pathological consequences. It seems that they are over-stimulated. Most of the children make the mistake & if corrected by the mother, will remember it for s few days and then go back to making the error. Silicea, however never forget.

Child is getting correction in their behavior from the father, mother, teachers etc. They understand quickly the reason for the correction and they impose the correct behavior upon themselves.

It seems as if child is trying to maintain his good image.
They are very sensitive to external impression.

2.   Lack of Energy:
Silicea adult from the over-stimulation goes in to a kind of lack of stamina. It is a submissive state that arises from the lack of energy. Silicea is always yielding; a kind of a shyness not a kind of cowardice like Lyco or Gels. due to its lack of energy.

As we discussed – Silicea is very intellectual. E.g. if you try to impose on Silicea – they won’t oppose you as they are easily impressionable; but they exactly know where you are right and where you are wrong but she holds her opinion to herself.

Mild & Reserved
They are mild and reserved but they never become dependant on others. They are reserved but when the circumstances permits; they can express themselves.

E.g. If you are treating such a patient for long time without effect. The patient will never challenge you or become impatient. Silicea has a mildness like Phosphorus but never have extroversion or dependency like it. It seems as if silicea is trying to maintain its image.

They eventually have aversion to work as they are very easily been imposed upon & suppression of mental level by constant attempting to change own self by the opinion of others.

Here, we can compare with Cal.Carb. as Cal.Carb. is also Worse Exertion but Cal.Carb work aversion is due to anxieties and worries. Cal.Carb. is more coarse and more survival oriented. Cal.Carb. is worse with physical exertion while Silicea is mental exertion.

This is the basic idea for the Silicea (Over-Stimulation à Lack of Stamina à Aversion to Mental Work) to develop wide varieties of problems: 



  • Growth ReEyes sunken; limbs are shrunken.
  • Old looking face like a Marasmic Child.
  • Big belly duetardation:
  • Fontanelles remain open for the long time.
  • Curvature of the Long Bones.
  • Late Learning to sit/walk etc.  
  1. Adults: 

Pin Mania:
As per my understanding with Silicea – Due to their peculiar nature; they are always been pinched to correct their behavior or pointed to do something. You do this; you do that etc. This eventually must have gone in to the subconscious state and thereby Silicea has strong “Fear of Pins or Pointed Things”. 

Stool Symptoms:
Submissiveness of Silicea displays a characteristic stool. Stool is hard and expelled with great straining but “Stool slips back inside after being partly expelled”. Repertory says “Bashful stool”.

Nail Symptoms:

  • White spots in the nails.
  • Brittle, Distorted nails.
  • In growing Toe nails. 

Anticipatory Anxiety:
Silicea is a very punctual and fastidious identity. Thereby, they try to maintain their fixed identity. They develop insecurities and anxieties when their fixed image is been broken. They develop lack of self confidence due to the same.

Skin Symptoms:
Considering the reserved and submissive mental state of Silicea – they develop tumors, cysts, fistula, abscesses, fibroma, keolid etc.

Chilly Patient:
What you can see in the symptomatology of Silicea is “Low energy levels in the body”. So the patient is marked “CHILLY”.

They are so much so chilly that

  • They have to cover their body during exercise.
  • They have to cover their head during sleep.
  • Sensitive to cold Food/Drink/Air etc.

“Every Little Injury Suppurates”.

It has a strong affinity to hasten and abort the Suppurative process. You can see the effect on the suppuration when Silicea fits the patient as a whole. It is risky to prescribe Silicea routinely for any Suppurative process.

In a patients with Suppurative tendencies, Silicea may help for the moment evenif it does not fits the patient as a whole.  What effect will it have for the suppurations which will develop later-which may well be rendered more deep and more resistant to the treatment?

(Perspiration, respiration, urination and defecation are the methods of the elimination of toxins from the body).

Silicea perspires profusely even though Silicea is marked Chilly.
The idea behind this symptom is elimination of the toxins from body.

        I.    Child: Profuse Perspiration during sleep on scalp, back etc.  Wets the pillow far around during the sleep. 

      II.    Adult: Axilla, Palms and Soles.

Do not be impatient to treat Silicea Perspiration as they are > by it.
They’ll definitely do well as long as the perspiration is been permitted.

If we succeed by suppressing it by using deodorants, sprays, foot powders etc. – Then they patient will encounter major problems like Tuberculosis, Cancer, Renal Stones, Bronchial Asthma etc.

Book says that even by “draft of air” – Perspiration of Silicea is been suppressed; then they develop headaches, joint pains etc. etc.


1. Acrid:

  • It is very acrid.
  • It is so much so that it chews up the socks. In a normal person; if a pair of socks is running for a year then for the Silicea it will run for three months. 

It is not as much as the offensiveness of Psorinum. With Psorinum; nobody can stay in a room with them while with Silicea; one can comparatively stay.

According to 81st Aphorism’s Footnote – “We are not treating the disease, we are treating a patient of the disease”. We are not treating abscess but we are treating a patient of abscess.

Thorough Individualization i.e. 82nd Aphorism on the basis of Totality of Symptoms i.e. 18th Aphorism is the only way and sure way to cure the sickness.

If we are able to treat the on the basis of Totality of symptoms with Individualistic approach – then we will be able to provide Highest Ideal Cure i.e. 2nd Aphorism &  that is the high and only mission of the physician i.e. 1st Aphorism.

Dr.Krutik H. Shah. M.D. (Hom.), D.IACH (Greece)
Bhalej Road, Anand – 388001. (Guj)

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