Fibroadenoma of the breast and its homoeopathic management

Dr. Truptida Sahu1*, Dr. Neha Mahawer2, Dr. Ayushi Malhotra3

In humans, breasts are also known as mammary gland. They are developed in females while they are rudimentary in males. In females the growth of breasts starts at the age of puberty. Fibroadenoma of the breast is one of the most common disorder of the breast in females. It is most common in the reproductive age group between 15-40 years of age. By giving Homoeopathic treatment and proper counseling all these conditions can get cure. Homoeopathic medicines have a wonderful effect on diseases of breasts. Food and lifestyle have great effect on breast. Improper lifestyle and food can also cause diseases of breasts.

KEY WORDS – Fibroadenoma, Homoeopathy.

The most common tumor of the female breast is the fibroadenoma. It is a growth composed of both fibrous and glandular tissues.

The tumor is developed when there is increases sensitivity of a focal area of breast to oestrogen. There is some relationship between excess oestrogen level and fibroadenoma. That’s why this condition is simultaneously present with fibroadenosis. 


There are two types of fibroadenomas:- 

  • PERICANALICULAR FIBROADENOMA- These are hard, smaller with an increase in ducts and fibrous tissue.  The tumor is very clearly felt within the breast due to its tremendous firmness and it moves sufficiently within the breast substance. So, it also called as “breast mouse”. 

This type of fibroadenoma are rounded or oval in shape with single or multiple layers of cell.

  • INTRACANALICULAR FIROADENOMA- These are the soft fibroadenoma, grows larger and the glandular tissue and the duct system are very much compressed due to proliferative sourrounding tissue pressing on them. This type is also known as intraductal myxoma because of profuse and loose connective tissue.

       Both pericanalicular and intracanalicular patterns can coexist in the same tumor.


  • Pericanalicular fibroadenoma usually occurs in younger girls between 15-30 years of age, while intracanalicular most commonly affects women of 30-50 years of age.
  • Both the tumors presents as painless, slowly growing, solitary lump in the breast. Multiple fibroadenoma may be present in about 80% of cases.
  • The hard variety of the pericanalicular tumor is known for its slow growth and never attains a big size. While intracanalicular tumor tends to be large in size with rapid growth. This can casue some discomfort due to its size[3].

MIASM :Miasm of fibroadenoma is Sycosis.


  • FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology) to exclude malignancy.
  • Ultrasonography.
  • A water pack is used for examination of all breast lump[3].


  • Eat more fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • Beta-carotene rich-food is also good to prevent fibroadenoma.
  • Meditation- seeking a mind-body balance is instrumental in relieving stress[2].


  • CHEST- PAIN-mammae-left.
  • CHEST-PAIN-mammae-right.
  • CHEST-HYPERTROPHY-mammae[6].
  • FEMALE SEXUAL SYSTEM-PAIN IN BREASTS-pain relieved by supporting heavy mammae[5].
  • FEMALE SEXUAL SYSTEM-NIPPLES-cracks,fissures,ulcerations.
  • FEMALE SEXUAL SYSTEM-SWELLING-tenderness,soreness.
  • FEMALE-BREAST-heavy like stone

Fibroadenoma is easily curable with Homoeopathic treatment without surgical excision of the lump. So, there are some Homoeopathic remedies for fibroadenoma described below in table no.1.


Remedies   Location             Sensation   Concomitant Modalities


Heavy, stony, hard, painful nodosities[4] prostration WORSE- sensitive to electric change, rainfall, while nursing[4]
BETTER – warmth, dry weather[5]
CARBO ANIMALIS             Right Painful indurations Offensive secretions on face & scalp WORSE – loss of vital fluids[5]


Swollen nipples, erect, painful Cannot bear anything tight around neck WORSE – tight pressure or touch
BETTER – on discharges[5]
GRAPHITES                swollen & hard, nipples sore, cracked & blistered                WORSE – during & after menstruation

BETTER – wrapping up[5]

CONIUM MACULATUM               Enlarged breasts, stony, hard painful to touch[4]                WORSE – before & during menses[4].

BETTER – on pressing with hands[5]

ASTERIA RUBENS              Left  Swollen and painful Neuralgia, hysteria, chorea WORSE – cold damp weather[5]
CHIMAPILA UMBELLATA              Left  Very large breasts with sharp pains Scanty urine loaded with ropy, mucopurulent sediment WORSE – damp weather[5]
OCIMUM CANUM             Right Painful nipples to least contact. Breast feel full Red sand in the urine[5]                 

At the end of the discussion it is concluded that fibroadenoma is mostly a genetic disorder or due to excess of oestrogen level. Lifestyle plays a major role in the development of fibroadenoma.  There is overgrowth in the mammary gland, so it belongs to the miasm of Sycosis. There are many Homoeopathic remedies which can cure fibroadenoma by the concept of individualization and by managing the proper lifestyle of the patient.


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