Heavy metals in Homoeopathy: an unexplored doctrine of signature

Dr Deepthi B S

Heavy metals belong to the group of transition elements of the 4th period. Some of the heavy metals are present in the body as essential nutrients and others are relatively harmless. It also helps in the stimulation of many enzymes and regulates the immune system.

KEYWORDS:  Doctrine of signature, heavy metals, mind symptoms, atomic number, sources of materia medica.

Heavy metals are called so because of their large atomic number, hence large atomic mass. The heaviest metal in the periodic table is Uranium bearing the atomic number 92. With that being said all metals with large atomic number cannot be considered under heavy metals, any metal to be listed under the term heavy metals should have high density and toxicity at low concentration, there are around 35 metals of which 7 of them will be discussed.

Doctrine of signature was known to the ancients, it was then used to treat various maladies, it is the relation between the external physical characters of the drug substance and the signs and symptoms of the medicine produced during pathogenetic trial on healthy human beings. It is one of the sources of our material medica. Here the physical and chemical properties of the these metals will be compared with the mind symptoms produced by the potentised heavy metals.

Most of the heavy metals have been discovered by the ancient scientists. It has crossed many civilizations, and was used to its fullest by the Romans ,Egyptians and Greeks. 

The term doctrine of signature is not very new to the people, it was used by many herbalists in the ancient times, they developed a concept of plant ‘signature’, which was first recognised by Chinese who classified and correlated plant features to human body for example, black and salty relates to lungs, lower half of the body were treated with below ground parts of the plants. Even few vegetables resemble the parts of the body like- sliced carrot resembles the eyes so it is good for eye sight, similarly walnut for brain, avocado for uterus etc.

But in the present generation it is considered as pseudo science because there were many illnesses and deaths due to the toxic effect of the plants, and they are described as mnemonics of value only in creating a system for remembering actions attributed to medical herbs, while lacking adequate scientific knowledge.

In homoeopathy there are few doctrine of signature like Gelsemium sempervirens made from yellow jasmine is said to act on jaundice, Tarentula hispanica prepared from Spanish spider , it is sensitive to drum beats similarly the patient is over-sensitive to music, the tincture Hamammelis drug is dark red in color hence it is useful for haemorrhages.


1. Ferrum metallicum (Fe) -Iron is strong, stable, solid, doesn’t bend / break1.

But gradually rusts.

-Stubborn, wants things his way1 if not gets angry, irritated and then mental apathy.
2. Cuprum metallicum (Cu) -Highly resistant to corrosion1, over a time period becomes old and rusted2. -these patients try a lot1 to keep up their social prestige, because of this over trying they eventually get fatigued and become restless, fearful.
3. Zincum metallicum (Zn) Zinc in crude form helps in immunity1 fighting many diseases i.e., it acts like a shield Similarly inspite of many difficulties they try to hold on1 and does not give up easily.
4. Gallium metallicum (Ga) – in liquid state it sticks to the glass1 and difficult to separate. In solid state they melt easily2 -They stick to their own old routine1, but when new generation takes over they give up easily2 and think they are inefficient.
5. Platinum metallium (Pl) -It is highly expensive1 metal because it is a rare metal and is highly resistant to corrosion than gold and silver. -Platina person usually thinks high of themselves1 and is very haughty1 and thinks everyone as inferior to them.
6. Cadmium metallicum (Ca) -It is a soft, malleable and easy to cut with a knife1. It is a strong metal, highly resistant to corrosion2. -they are very successful people2, they expect too much of themselves and overdo things and don’t have anything to give anymore this is when they feel powerless1, defenseless.
7. Palladium metallicum (Pd) -falls under platinum group of metals.

-it is highly expensive, rare but can be easily worked1 / seperated.

-they have pride similar to patina but unlike the latter these people need attention, performance comes naturally to them1 but if they are not appreciated then their pride is hurt and they feel humiliated, irritated and fear.

ABBREVIATIONS: Iron- Fe, copper-Cu, zinc-Zn, gallium-Ga, platinum-Pl, cadmium-Ca, palladium-Pd.


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Dr Deepthi B S
PG Scholar, Father Muller Homoeopathic medical college, Mangaluru, Karnataka.  

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