First homeopathic e-book in Tibetan language

tibet“Our goal in introducing homeopathy into the Tibetan community” to offer a less costly treatment, able to complement a quality allopathic medicine, sometimes rather expensive, not always necessary, and not always meeting everyone’s needs.

Homeopathy can also complement the work of traditional Tibetan medicine. In this active transfer of knowledge, we are not only concerned with curing patients in situ, but with passing on our technique so it can henceforth be beneficial to the local population.

Why homeopathy ? Homeopathy is a western medical approach that has been in use for over two centuries. The practice of homeopathy is economical, respecting human beings and the environment.

This book is very simple. It is divided into three parts. An introduction outlining the main theories of homeopathy, with examples of clinical cases : the basis of homeopathy. A brief Materia Medica work, that is to say a limited list of fundamental homeopathic medicines and their description the tools of homeopathy. The treatment : the goals and the results of homeopathy. There is an index at the end.

The book is written in English with a Tibetan translation. It is the first homeopathic book in Tibetan. We hope it will be useful for the Tibetan people. (Dr. Bernard LONG)

Comme les livres papier, ce livre numérique est en vente chez votre libraire de proximité (la liste des libraires avec lesquels notre diffuseur travaille est consultable sur le site

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