For a better future in Homoeopathy – convocation speech

For a better future in Homoeopathy – convocation speech

Thought-provoking, interesting and inspirational convocation speech by Dr Mansoor Ali, Professor Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College Calicut.

You lived here together, shared many dreams… And today, we are drained by the pangs of separation. Here begins the incessant agony of a farewell, of many farewells to come.

Every adieu must be tear-laden. None of us wishes to leave behind the flamboyance of the campus, the romance of youth, the serenity of the shadowed corridors of the campus and the dins and fun of hostel life. Such a fleeting time in the midst of grievances and exasperations has engraved bittersweet memories, fortunate moments, joys and the pains of departure in our hearts forever.

We, teachers, don’t believe that we have given you all. There may be downsides but always remember: Success is the result of 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. And we believe that we have been able to endow that 10% inspiration to you.

Let’s remember one thing here – that India is the largest empire of Homoeopathy. 3 lakhs registered practitioners, 180 undergraduate colleges, 32 post-graduate colleges, 7500 dispensaries, 700 medicine factories, over 400 hospitals are all our assets. Degree and postgraduation education in Homoeopathy based on a standard syllabus is provided only in India.

Homoeopathy was established in Kerala in the year 1928. The first Govt. Dispensary was started in 1958 and in 1960, the first Homoeopathic medical college was instituted. Now we have 5 colleges, more than 500 Govt. Dispensaries, 31 hospitals, 12 ESI hospitals, 2 research centres, a public sector medicine factory with a huge income, many private medicine factories and many graduate and post-graduate qualified doctors.

But, in a survey done by NGO some time ago, it was revealed that only 10% of Keralites depend on Homoeopathy for their important treatments and medical care requirements. The population in Kerala is 3.28 crores. So, though Homoeopathy was established in Kerala in 1928, though Homoeopathic medicine was taught since 1960, if only 10% of the people still depend on Homoeopathy, we are definitely at fault to a great extent.

There’s another side to this fact, which is very significant as far as you who graduate from this institution are concerned. Once, a footwear company sent two marketing executives to Africa to study the marketing possibilities. The first executive reported: No one wears footwear here, so our product has no market in this place. The second man reported: No one wears footwear here, so we have got a big chance at marketing here.

This is just the opportunity you have. 90% of Kerala’s population is right before you. Endless opportunities for private practice are open before your eyes. It has to be used fruitfully. If you can create good awareness about Homoeopathy among people, if you have much expertise in Homoeopathic medical science, the opportunities are boundless and a great future awaits you.

Have you ever imagined how many hours you have been in the classes on this campus?

  • I BHMS: 1610 hrs
  • II BHMS: 1065 hrs
  • III BHMS: 950 hrs
  • IV BHMS: 1175 hrs

A total of 4800 hours. And how many of these 4800 hours have you utilized fruitfully? How many hours have the teachers tried to teach well? Really, ask yourself. Why I’m bringing this to notice is just to tell you that when you get into postgraduate studies, or even in the life ahead, you must be capable of utilizing time productively. To make valuable contributions to humanity, to society and to the world, is what we all should try in this ephemeral life.

Our institutions that are supposed to be centres of great thoughts and scientific research and discoveries, apart from mere curricular examinations are turning out to be playgrounds of irresponsible bunches. Our dreams should not be in the hands of the few dumb heads who think there is no science but theirs.

I feel ashamed to see the Principals of regular MD colleges and controlling officers claiming strongly for the affiliation of postal MD. Quacks learn about Homoeopathy by postal subscription. Some of us do post-graduation through the same.

Readers are leaders.
You can’t keep up with the new society and be competent in a world of modern health requirements and information influx without learning anything new, without attaining updated knowledge. Read Homoeopathic books a hundred times and you would still find something new every time you read. And that – knowledge – is the only wealth that no one can rob you of.

Our brain is compared to iron – the more it is used, the more it shines. And if not used, it rusts. It is only natural that memorizing power and intelligence goes up the graph in those who read more and more as life advances. And only those who do so can survive in this field.

Life should be filled with hopes, goals, determination and optimism. All individuals who have attained the highest of levels generally cultivated the essential habit of optimism. Without optimism, life loses its lustre and hardship appears at every step. Only those who fought against their limits have been able to find a place in the history of man.

The success achieved through one’s own hard work and pride shines high. “You cannot get into the ocean without getting wet, you cannot get into the fire without getting burned,” said Swami Chinmayananda.

You must be able to leave behind your own trail of ideals and paradigm for this one medical science and for society. Only then would your life hold some meaning and purpose. After all, what’s the point in living like just another human on earth? Do something to mark your life. This system or the society should remember that you have done something worthwhile while you lived, even after your time.

Life is a total account of so many unexpected events, said Khalil Gibran. Unexpected losses, untimely departure of near and dear ones, all these are part of life.

Recently, a few girls from our region resorted to suicide. Reasons may be many things. But still what I have to tell the kids in front of me is that the ultimate goal of your life should not be a good spouse. There are several things to achieve in life. A good spouse should be considered a goal only as important as the position of a good doctor in society, a good job, a good home and transport and the likes. If that takes the beginning and end of our goals, if the idea of a good spouse is what we think will help us nail it, we would break down when there is strife in family life. But think this way – if someone closes the door of life, another one will definitely come to open it.

Dear girls, I have no idea where you are or would be after marriage but after the glitters of married life fade away in six months, you will start feeling the need to practise what you learned. A strange place with no one to guide, where you don’t even know if Homoeopathy exists. A kind of insecurity! That’s where you should remember the second marketing executive of the footwear company.

Our mind always seems to be in a comfortable position. But never keep the fickle mind of a gipsy. Wherever you are, u have to learn to get your roots right there. Or you would never know where you belong. The gratification of earning a few bucks with the career you have been learning for, for a good part of your youth is absolutely incomparable, no matter how rich your husband is. You spent the most energetic part of your life studying Homoeopathy and if that’s left behind unused, aren’t those six years just lost irretrievably? Don’t let that happen!

There’s this extremely inspiring thought in Paulo Coelho’s famous novel Alchemist: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

We have duties to society, and in the midst of all these dreams and goals, that shouldn’t be forgotten. We learnt at the expense of the people’s tax. Make sure you don’t keep yourself away as if you’re not a part of the community and society. As if you owe them nothing. There is a need to be part of the cultural, social welfare and such events in the community we live in. And beware of being a career-oriented youth busily preoccupied with selfish matters, who doesn’t raise their voice for rights or against vices, or without being conscientious regarding the social evils and unnecessary dogmas.

Now, you embark on your journey laden with purpose. And bear in mind the truth that you belong to those who are supposed to perform a historical duty with a strong sense of destination, with regard to the survival and harmonious existence of this medical science. You must have good vision, loyalty and dedication!

Give something to Homoeopathy, it will give you much more,” said Caroll Dunham.

Our paths diverge here, but let’s keep travelling through a path of passion. And keep a smile in store for those who might come to your way and travel together…

Transcribed by Sana Rose

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