A review of use of Enantiomers in Homoeopathy

R M Kuzeff

This paper discusses laboratory research involving the modulation of optical isomer (optical isomer: a molecule that is not superimposable on its mirror image) activity by use of homeopathic (potentized (Potency: A medicinal preparation used in homeopathy which has been prepared by serial dilution with succussion, trituration, or other form of agitation, e.g., sonication, between each stage of dilution.) preparations of their enantiomers (enantiomer: either of a pair of optical isomers that are mirror images of each other).

These experiments constituted the first time such stereochemical considerations had been tested in homeopathic research [1]. This was confirmed by examination at the Australian, US, and European patent offices in relation to PCT/AU2003/000219 [2].

Work using enantiomers in homeopathy has been published mainly in patents. Five experiments have also been published in 4 journal articles [3–6] with the balance available on line at WIPO [2, 7] and the United States Patent Office web site [8]. The experiments were performed in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Scotland.

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