Group study of homeopathic remedies

medicines (2)✔Muriaticums
Muriaticums are related to mother. Mother is the symbol of nurturing as in the expression
‘Mother Earth’. It includes mother in law, stepmother and foster mother also.

Carbonicums are related to father. Father figure or authorities. They are looking for the
meaning and value of life, work dignity etc.

Sulphuricums are related to life partner. Problems relating to partner or loved one. Love,
harmony, beauty, clothes and exaggerated from of perfumes etc. There are two extremes;
one side extremely neat and tidy, polished relating to clothing and the other side is untidy
dirty and disorderly.

Phosphoricums are related to brother, sisters and friends. Problems relating to these
relations are directly related to phosphoricums. With friends one communicates freely
and learns.

Nitricums relate to enjoyment. Desire for enjoyment in life is the theme of nitricums.
Iodatums work very hard, restless and want freedom of movement. They continuously
want to do something and in order to get their daily bread they work very hard.

Theme: Resentment, rancour and grudge. Ammoniums have a lot of anger. They contain
hydrogen, which have the theme of idealism. They think everything much nice but when
they had been disappointed from society they become resentful.
Ammon Carb: Resentment to father
Ammon Mur: Resentment to mother
Ammon Phos: Resentment to friends, brothers and sisters
Ammon Sulph: Resentment to partner

They have a great sense of duty and responsibility. They are known as the ‘Man of his
own words’. They stick to the rules and principles. They work hard to support their
Kali Mur: The duty to be a good mother and take care of the family.
Kali Sulph: The duty to be good to one’s partner. They will go through every adversity to
save their married relation.
Kali Phos: They feel obliged to have lot of contacts. The theme is the duty to keep up
their study and circle of friends.
Kali Iod: In Kali Iod the idea is that they have to do their duty to have a right to
existence. They work hard more than is required and so when they retire their problems
start because now they are free and have no work to do.

They stand for firmness solid stable and determination. As iron gates save the house from
intruders like wise they are strong and firm. They have the delusion that others will push
them away. But on the other side there is the element of compulsion and force.
Ferr. Mur: A firm mother, for good care and nurturing they have to be firm and strong.
Ferr. Sulph: Dictatorial partner to maintain their relationship and they wish that the
relation should go according to them
Ferr. Phos: While relating to friends and brothers and sisters they stick firmly to the
relation of friendship and brotherhood. With the idea of study and communication they
force to study and learn.
Ferr Iod: The idea that they have to stand firm to be able to provide for themselves.
They work firmly for long, long hours and would never give up a task

Fear to lose friends or family is the main theme. They react in two ways
1. Pacifism: Peace, hate, aggression, violence, aversion to quarrels etc.
2. Aggressive: They become violent and aggressive.
Mag Mur: Fear to loose care and attention of the mother.
Mag Carb: It has much to do with self-respect and dignity and self worth. The idea of
aggression is detrimental to their self worth or necessary for self worth.
Mag Sulph: Fear to lose partner. He feels the partner will not love if he gets angry.
Mag Iod: They fight for the existence, and stop all quarrels in order to have the viable

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