Hidden agenda behind Allopathy prescription by Homoeopaths

Dr Niloy Adhikary 

Prescription of Modern Medicine By Ayush Doctors – Is there any hidden Agenda behind this?

Now a days Govt. of India and various state Governments allowing Ayush doctors to prescribe Allopathy medicines under various national health programmes and under emergencies. Some Homoeopaths are also hunger striking for permission to prescribe allopathy medicines. Even some members of Central Council of Homoeopathy are in favour of this.

These orders are nothing but the replica of central Govt. decision or in other word it is the follow-up process of continuation of central Govt. old decision of mainstreaming of AYUSH. We have seen every National disease control programme is allopathy oriented.

As for example ,Rastriya Bal Swastha Karyakram(RBSK) is going on but there is no special provision of homoeopathic treatment, though among the 4Ds(Defects, Diseases, Deficiencies , Developmental delays & Disability)- diseases like Skin diseases, Otitis media, Reactive airway diseases and many common (also complex diseases)ailments could be tackled nicely our homoeopathic medicines.

Again deficiencies not due to lack of external source of nutritional element but due to systemic functional problem, we can employ our constitutional homoeopathic medicine to correct many deficiencies. Though the sensitization programme on homoeopathy –“Homoeopathy for Healthy Mother & Happy Child ” has been completed .

But in the RBSK AYUSH doctor(here homoeopathic) will only refer, for medicinally treatable cases to the CHC. There is no surety of homoeopathic treatment, again many CHC have no homoeopathic doctor. Again in the mobile health team along with AYUSH doctor pharmacist is allopathic. Actually it is the effort of further propagation of allopathic medicine by the Ayush doctor cleverly.

The multinational millionaire pharmaceutical company’s intelligent brain working behind this process & they have the capacity to modify the Govt. decision. This is the calculative game plane. First discourage the system by making unemployment of the graduate Ayush doctor, let the homoeopathic college survive with less number of staff with least infrastructure. Then launch the project supported by the so called internationally reputed welfare organization, then involve this job seeker Ayush doctor but contract is treatment should be so called modern medicine oriented.

Central Govt. is interested about foreign monitory support by the expense of our real perfect health oriented traditional or non business forming nice Homoeopathic system. For the sake of employment we have to accept this Govt. decision at present. Then we have to sit together to discuss the situation and we have to take some collective decision – how we can keep safe our non-injurious ,economical , devoid of iatrogenic disease forming ,addiction less Homoeopathy for the vast number innocent ailing people.

It is a matter of concern that this situation developed due to the fact that we have failed to convince the people by large about the idea of cure by our non-materialistic homoeopathic approach in one way ,another fact is due to lack of proper practical exposure of trainee doctor under practically experienced homoeopathic teacher. Young homoeopaths have vast knowledge on theoretical aspect of homoeopathy but they have lack of knowledge in practical homoeopathic field. The present scenario is the ultimatum of all these facts.

So we have to chalk out a plane collectively ,how we can overcome this situation , only MD or PhD is not enough .In every M.O.(Homeo) post at least 5 years’ experience should be the criterion along with degree ,applicable age should be upto 50 or priority should be given to the experienced candidate. However, I think we will able to convince the Govt. unitedly about our apprehension and we also able to bend the Central Govt. to launch some National disease control programme based on only Ayush system idea or specially homoeopathic idea (Ayurveda have no such problem with Allopathy what we have ) if we try unitedly by joining our hands,.where we can freely(It is right decision not to allow both system simultaneously by W.B. Govt., other than some special ground) practice our system more effectively by our single medicine with minute dose and the people will enjoy good health without any adverse effect.

Otherwise , It is the high time to raise our demand Homoeopathy should be separated from AYUSH(Previous name Indian System of Medicine & Homoeopathy was little better), and make an independent Dept.–Dept. of Homoeopathy under the Ministry of health & Family Welfare Govt. of India, if we want to propagate homoeopathy in a meaningful manner in our country. Then we can take some important steps and show the rest of the world how this non materialistic medicinal approach keep the man healthy in a separate way. Another point, as we have to know the some allopathic drugs to meet accidents and some cases of acute emergencies (though many emergencies we can manage by our homoeopathic medicine only or with the help of some auxiliary measure), then allopathy & other doctors of Indian system of medicine(ASU) should also be known about the gist of Organon of Medicine.


  1. Pl recall similar apprehension was posted on FB long back. Someone commented “AUDE SAPARE” – I remember. Get ready Dr. Niloy & like minded people may be facing administrative tyranny and a well organized bias Investigator ld prove all (who aired grievance) guilty of committing something fabricated & frivolous, which never ld have actually happened. Your own close friends would be a part of INVESTIGATING TEAM who boldly ld pronounce that U r guilty. (Compare SAMPAT KUMAR’s recent episode). Things r designed and run for POWER, Position, Politics, Promotion, PADMA….., Job security, and FOR MONEY. That is the MANTRA of MANAGEMENT in INDIA. IDEOLOGY is a day of past and as obsolete as Epics. You want to be a DIRECTOR, OSD, Principal, Chairman, to get your grandson / daughter in premier institutes, or a lucrative job etc follow the MANTRA or else “let them live and u die”. Professors (now he is a DEAN) once told me – you file one case against them they ld file 200 cases against you, because they are not spending their own money, but you have to. They can set up an enquiry with their own men, and get the verdict against you. @ Dr Amit, “PLANNED WAY STOP HOMOEOPATHIC EDUCATION COLLEGES AND DISPENSORIES” have already started long back. Autonomous NIH sought affiliation / recognition from other universities for their academic course…Laugh out Loud. (Feel pity on the then Director, as probably he did not know how to develop the institute.) Institutes having links need not confirm to the Minimum Standards. The standard, course curriculum of homeopathic colleges, the standard of MD / higher (to evaluate their standard read their submitted- thesis, except some good ones) courses, crushing all talents who try to develop or who have potential. Are these not good enough work to close down homeopathy, or just to ensure it must remain in coma for rest of its vegetative existence? God knows what people sitting on chair were advising, directing, teaching, managing and propagating. Best of luck for AIRING VOICE.
    Moreover, analyze the chain of sequence given here: Students would be declared “Fail” in BHMS subjects. Students pay and file for scrutiny / re-evaluation prayer to the Vice Chancellors of the university. No re-examination / no reasons cited, the same EXAMINER declares most of them pass in a month / two months later. WHY the VC’s do not take step against such examiners and students. Why no investigation was ever carried out. Is the incident not enough a reason to refer it to CBI / investigating agencies? Why such teachers were allowed to continue as examiner? Is this not a method of killing education system & talent?


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