Hidden Truth- SWINE FLU.

Dr Radhakrishnan nair

Its seems true !!. Swine flue is propaganda by Multinational allopathic pharmaceutical companies to sell their products in India.

1) Swine flue is the disease originated in Mexico Latin America where large amount of pork is consumed. The disease is also present in USA , Canada etc. where pork is consumed. You are quite aware that pork is not at all popular in Pune.

2) Till date only 136 people are dead all over the world due to Swine flue within last one and half year.

3) The swine flue virus thrives in the atmosphere below temp. of 27 degree Celsius and please note that the temp. is 33 degree Celsius in Pune .

4)The most of the people died in Pune recently were having various other ailments and the real cause of the death is not swine flue.

5) The swine flue virus grows in acidic medium and our saliva is alkaline and it is impossible that the virus will be alive in alkaline medium.

6) The swine flue tablets manufacturing co. is based at USA and its stock for India is unsold for last two-three years and the expiry date for the medicines is approaching very fast.

The fear is created In Pune since the purchasing power of Pune is grown substantial recently in last 5 years due to foreign investment and development of software co.

7) The new vaccine is coming up in the market developed by the USA co. It will enter in market within next three months and will be priced at Rs. 3000 /- .Look at the scope for selling in Pune for the population of 35 lacs people who are living under fear. Please note that the co. has taken patent for the vaccine so that no other company can manufacture the same.

8) Please note that in India daily 1500 people die due to Cancer and around similar no. due to TB but it has never become headline or news on the front page.Then how swine flue has become the head line? The all news items are paid advertisement and obviously the next target is Mumbai.

9) Do you remember Hepatitis B vaccine drama which was played some years ago . Actually Hepatitis B is not at all existent in India and only Hepatitis A is existent in India . After High court verdict the manufacturing of Hep. B was stopped in India due to PIL filed by social activist in India. But till then the vaccine co. has generated crores of rupees.

10) In any case if any body is facing swine flue then pl. do not worry . You can take Arsenic Alb 200 ( homeopathic ) , Giloi(Gul wel),Tulas and will be cured 100% as swine flue is curable disease.

11) Look at the loss of Pune for last 10 days for an amount of Rs. 5000 Crs and do you want to loose further Rs. 3000 /- per vaccine per head in Pune for around 35 lacks people?

Dr Radhakrishnan nair
Email : drrknairmy3@gmail.com

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