Highlighting the mind rubrics of homoeopathic remedy bufo rana

Dr Rathna Priyadarshini

Bufo rana is an important remedy borrowed from the animal kingdom, prepared from poison of toad, it is mainly known for its remarkable therapeutic effects on Nervous system, Sexual system and Skin. Mind symptoms are not explored in many Materia Medica’s. We often meet with situations where prescribing becomes challenging by virtue of insufficient data. Here an attempt has been made to list the mind symptoms of Bufo rana and to share deeper insight regarding mind symptoms of Bufo rana using Kent’s repertory.

KEYWORDS: Bufo rana, Mental symptoms, Mind rubrics

Bufo is a wonderful medicine prepared from poison of toad i.e sweltered venom which is excreted by the glands in the skin of the back. It contains active toxins such as bufotenine and tryptamine, which possess hallucinogenic properties. It profoundly effects the mind and especially the intellectual faculties.

The greatest use of this medicine is found in diseases of nervous system, skin   conditions and sex organs. Bufo rana shows promising effects in addressing epileptic symptoms, including convulsive seizures occurring during sleep at night.


  1. Anger-irascibility.
  2. Anger-convulsion, before.
  3. Anger-misunderstood, when.
  4. Anxiety-waking-on.
  5. Cheerful-evening.
  6. Childish behaviour.
  7. Company aversion to.
  8. Company aversion to-desires solitude to practice masturbation.
  9. Company aversion to-dreads being alone-yet.
  10. Company aversion to-presence of strangers-to.
  11. Company desire for.
  12. Confusion of-mind.
  13. Confusion-morning.
  14. Confusion-eating-after.
  15. Confusion-intoxicated-as if.
  16. Deceitful
  17. Delusions-fancy illusions-of.
  18. Dullness-sluggishness-difficulty of thinking and comprehending.
  19. Dullness-evening amel.
  20. Fancies-exaltation-of.
  21. Fear
  22. Fear- alone of-being.
  23. Fear-animals-of.
  24. Fear- crowd in.
  25. Fear- death-of
  26. Fear-disease of impending.
  27. Fear-happen something will.
  28. Fear-infection-of.
  29. Fear-mirrors in room-of.
  30. Fear-misfortune-of.
  31. Fear-people-of.
  32. Fear-waking-on.
  33. Frightened easily.
  34. Frightened easily-trifles-at.
  35. Indifference-apathy.
  36. Indolence-aversion to work.
  37. Indolence-afternoon.
  38. Insanity-madness.
  39. Insanity-onanism.
  40. Irritability -morning-waking-on.
  41. Irritability-night-retiring after.
  42. Irritability-menses-after.
  43. Lamenting-bemoaning etc.
  44. Lamenting-alternating with delirium-with crying.
  45. Loathing-in general.
  46. Mania-madness.
  47. Memory-weakness-of.
  48. Memory-weakness of-done-for what has just.
  49. Memory-weakness of-happened-for what has.
  50. Mistakes-words-misplacing.
  51. Mistakes-speaking.
  52. Mistakes-wrong words-using.
  53. Moaning-sleep-during.
  54. Mood-changeable-variable etc.
  55. Rage-fury
  56. Rage-fury-alone-while.
  57. Runs about
  58. Sadness- mental depression
  59. Sadness- waking-on.
  60. Senses-vanishing-of.
  61. Sensitive -music-to.
  62. Sensitive-noise-to.
  63. Shining objects -agg.
  64. Shrieking -convulsions-before.
  65. Starting-easily.
  66. Starting-startled.
  67. Starting-fright-from
  68. Starting-noise-from.
  69. Stranger-presence of-agg.
  70. Striking-desire to strike.
  71. Stupefaction-convulsion-between.
  72. Talk-indisposed to-desire to be silent-taciturn
  73. Talking-sleep-in.
  74. Unconsciousness -epilepsy-after.
  75. Unconsciousness-transient.
  76. Weeping-tearful mood.
  77. Weeping-sleep-in.
  78. Weeping-trifles at.
  79. Weeping -waking-on.

CONCLUSION: The mental symptoms play an important role in unfolding the true image of the patient, selection of remedy can be made in ease if these mind symptoms are known to the physician. Kent Repertory gives about 94 mind rubrics of bufo rana. These mind rubrics help us to understand the core of Bufo rana and also in the evolution of constitutional remedy.


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Dr Rathna Priyadarshini
MD Part-II, Department Of Repertory
Under The Guidance Of Dr Anusuya M Akareddy
Govt Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital Bengaluru.

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