Homeopathy for sexual disorders – repertory of infertility

Homeopathy for sexual disorders -repertory of infertility by Dr Nikunj Trivedi

Review by Navin B Gandhi

Printed in USA, By Trafford Publishers
Compact, Black and White,155 Pages, Paper Back
Beautiful cover design with simple layout.
ISBN: 978-1-4253-9113-9
PRICE: $29:99
To purchase contact: Trafford Publishing ( www.trafford.com)

Availability: Available at major leading Homeopathic Book stores

This book is extremely unique as a Repertory cum Therapeutic Index, as it is designed by clinical conditions with symptomatology allowing supportive ease for finding the appropriate remedy.

Book consist of well arranged alphabetical indexing, explaining the much prevalent clinical conditions coming across our day to day routine practice, in both MALE and FEMALE parts.

In MALE and FEMALE , both parts the Author has explained the basic understanding about Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, which is absolutely vital to understand. Because, Physician`s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health–to restore the abnormal pathology to its normal physiology.

Homeopaths, who gets more interested to treat INFERTILITY cases, this book will prove as valuable assets to their treasure of knowledge.

In MALE part, from Aspermia, Azospermia, Oligospermia to Warts, has covered all possible clinical conditions where Homeopathy has proved its best. Even in FEMALE part also, from Abortion to Warts has been covered with detailed remedies and rubrucs to be correlated for clinical conditions.

It seems from detailed explanation in some chapters that, Author has done a great deal of Research, involving extraction of information from many many advanced and latest Research papers and from the books of well known authors.

Dr.Nikunj Trivedi has practiced Homeopathy and run in patient, Indoor Hospital since very long, the confidence of clinical mastering reflects in his book. I was lucky to have student like him in 1978-79 with an extraordinary skill in clinical diagnosis.He was the Director of Advanced Diagnostic and Clinical Research Center, in India, where he used all modern investigations facilities to prove clinical efficacy of Homeopathy, the Western World is calling Evidence Based Homeopathy.

Navin B Gandhi
Professor, emeritus
LCSH,Bom, O.T.T. Calcutta
Ex.Sr. Research Officer-Homeopathy C.C.R.H. Govt. of India
Ex. Homeopathic Consultant -Air India, Expert Member of Homeopathy LIC for BHMS/ MD of S.P.University-VVN
President: Medical Advisor`s Association-Gujarat State, Examiner: DHMS/ BHMS at various Universities-India

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