Homeopathy in influenza and acute viral conditions

Forty five years ago a qualified skilled Homoeopath  presented me with my first homoeopathic first aid kit a silver case containin   ten miniature phials of various and  effective emergency remedies. Being only 12 years of age I was so proud after I had  treated my first patients: arnica for a headache caused by a pupil banging his head  against the school wall. An incessant nose bleed was my second challenge which was  well met with Vipera. Aconite was given, with success, to a girl who had rapidly become very shivery, pale and unwell. A few years later, aged 15, I was gifted a book on the  system of Biochemic tissue salts, from which I have quoted further along in this book.

This small act lead me to a lifetime of studying,   aining qualifications and practising  Homoeopathic, Biochemic and Naturopathic therapies.

I make reference to the above in order to reassure you that Homoeopathy is a very safe  and effective form of medicine that can be utilized by ANYONE, if the simple basic rules for prescribing that are laid out in this work are carefully adhered to. No matter what name is given to the virus, it is the unique set of symptoms produced by the patient’s  response to it that concerns us. So remember, treat the whole person as represented by  all of their unique set of symptoms, not just their sore throat, bad cough, or headache etc.

As you read through the book you will come to appreciate the importance of matching the patient’s unique response to the virus, to a substance which causes very similar symptoms when tested on healthy individuals. These substances are diluted to  harmless levels whilst still retaining their identity, influencing energy and curative  powers, and then administered homoeopathically to the patient to stimulate their self  healing mechanism in a modifying, curative or protective manner.

You will note from the bibliography my main choice of reference was the works of the  “Old Masters” of Homoeopathy, whose skills were fashioned at a time when little else  was available to heal and protect people from severe forms of influenza.  Homoeopathy   has had a high success rate during flu epidemics, particularly so during the outbreak of  the “Spanish Flu” where the homoeopaths mortality rate was exceedingly low.

I have spent many months evaluating and correlating information from these great  works (and my own experiences) to save you, the home prescriber, valuable time in  finding a matching remedy.

This book should serve all users faithfully. Throu   the use of Homoeopathy, Biochemic tissue salts and Naturopathic treatment you can with confidence help your friends,  family, neighbours (and even strangers) safely through a flu epidemic. Large groups of  school children for example or even a whole  work force can be treated en bloc. It may be  of course that you need the expert skill of a doctor to prescribe specific antibiotics for  example. Please do not delay in getting help because some patients general state of  health, prior to the infection, could be very poor, making them more vulnerable and  susceptible to more serious conditions. Let this essential thought, be a constant  reminder of the need to focus our minds on improving our general state of health,  starting TODAY!

Download book : www.homeobook.com/pdf/influenza-homeopathy.pdf

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