Homeopathy in water and electrolyte imbalance

Prof (Dr) Krishnendu Maity**, Ms. Ajaya Sharma*, Ms. Poonam Sharma*, Mr. Chandrakant Pandey*

The Homœopathic system has curative medicine, though certain medicines have applied and the medicine proved their prophylactic effects too. The Homœopathy believes and practice on the dynamic plane. In certain cases it has also being proved that deficiency state can also be treated by the dynamic medicines i.e. Homœopathy.

Water and electrolyte imbalance are commonly seen in prolonged debilitated illness and in acute conditions, it is frequently found in loose motions, vomiting, pregnancy, high-grade fever etc. In such cases patient needs immediate care and the management and the quantitative replacement of electrolytes & water in the body.

Water loss can be resuscitate by the dehydration of the patient, either by the increasing oral intake; but if patient is not in condition to take fluid orally, parental route can be used for the replacement of fluids.

In the fluid therapy the following things should be carefully observed by the physician —-

(1) How much fluid is required to the patient.

(2) And the required quantity is given to the patient in how much time.

During the electrolyte imbalance and in the deficiency state, quantitative electrolyte replacement is needed.

But in the Homœopathic Practice it has been seen since long time that the Homœopathic medicines are competent to combat with this life threatening conditions successfully. The certain Homœopathic medicines which can be used during the electrolyte imbalance

  1. Natrum muriaticum.
  2. Kalium phosphoricum.
  3. Natrum phosphoricum.
  4. Magnesium phosphoricum.
  5. Calcarea phsophorica.

These medicines are used in lower potency and with frequent repetition, till the requirement of patient become fulfilled.

These medicines are having tremendous result and capable to manage electrolyte imbalance in the body in the minimum time; and these medicines also help in the absorption of fluids in the body and thus prevents renal failure.

During the management and treatment of the electrolyte imbalance, the treatment of the causes is utmost important if the patient is suffering from electrolyte imbalance due to diarrhœal disease. In this case the treatment of the diarrhœa is simultaneously important with the management of the water and electrolyte imbalance. This principle is implemented with the every disease which are directly or indirectly causes of water & electrolyte imbalance in the body.

Quantitative loss is ever been treated by quantitative replacement of the deficient elements. By the homeopathy medicines we can treat the disease which is responsible for the any sort of imbalance and the deficiency states. 

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