Homeopathy Medicines from umbelliferae family

Dr P Sumesh 

Homoeopathic Medicines made out of Umbelliferae group of plants and their preparation, properties and clinical indications

The remedies obtained from this order are
1) Conium Mac
2) Cicuta virosa
3) Cicuta Maculata
4) Aethusa cynapium
5) Apium graveolens
6) Asafoetida
7) Ammoniacum gummi
8) Oenanthe Crocata
9) Eryngium aquaticum
10) Hydrocotyle Asiatica
11) Phellandium Aquaticum
12) Petroselimun Sativum
13) Pastinaca
14) Sium
15) Sumbul
16) Zizia
17) Pimpinella
18) Imperatoria
19) Heracleum
20) Ferula glauca
21) Eryngium maritimum
22) Athamantha

The umbelliferae are an order of plants which have a marked action on
a) The nervous system
b) Glandular system
c) Mucous membrame
d) Skin

Action on Nervous System
Conium Mac
It acts as a depressor of Cerebro-spinal system
This acts up on Motor nerves producing Paralysis-which spreads from below upwards.

Cicuta Virosa
Produces congestion at the base of the brain & in the medulla oblongata.
It produces local & general spasms and paralysis.

Cicuta Maculata
Similar to Cicuta virosa

A frightful poison, having narcoic properties as well as Paralyzing effects.
Athamantha :There is a dull, befogged condition of brain.
Oenanthe crocata :Acts up on cerebro-spinal axis, Convulsions
Phellandrium Aquaticum :Acts upon nerves Neuralgias, especially Neuralgic headache
Petroselinum Sativum : Acts up on nerves, Neuralgia, especially Neuralgic dysmenorrhoea.
Apium Graveolens : It causes nervous irritation, feeling of “fidgets”, Inability to sit still in bed, Cannot keep mind from thinking
Pastinaca : Irritability of gastric nerves depressed, emetics in double the usual doses have no effect.
Asafoetida : It is a stimulant to the brain & Nervous system.
There is hysterical & nervous symptom of a flatulent character.

Acts on nerves,Neauralgias.

Action on Glandular System
Conium Mac – There is congestion and induration of glandular structures associated with soreness
Mainly of Mammae, ovary & prostate
Aethusa – Lymph glands are swelled like a string of beads.
Hydrocotyle – Prostatic gland is affected, Sensation of weight in Perinium.
Phallandrium – Mammae are affected especially milk ducts, -More affinity towards right.
Petroselinum – Prostatic enlargement
Eryngium Aquaticum – Prostatic gland is affected, frequent desire to urinate and Discharge of prostatic fluid from slightest cause

Action on Mucous Membrane
Conium Mac – Acts on M.M of Respiratory tract, tracheo bronchial; catarrha, sprmodic cough
Eryngium Aquaticum –  Acts on Mucous Membrane producing thick yellow discharges from eyes, ears, nose, mouth, urethra, vagina etc. Repiratory tract,Cough with a sensation of constriction
Ammoniacum gummi –  M.M of Respiratory tract is affected,Chronic bronchitis associated with profuse secretion within the tubes with difficulty in raising it.
Sumbul – Produces Nasal & Phryngeal Catarrha, discharge of tenacious, yellow mucus.
Petroselinum – Stimulates the bronchial Mucons Membrane
Phellandrium – M.M of Respiratory tract, Catarrhal symptoms with profuse expectoration
Oenanthe Crocata – Respiratory Mucous Membrane, frothy mucus.

Action on Skin
Cicuta Virosa :Produces Pustular eruption with yellow Crusts.
Petroselinum :-Stimulates the skin à Eruptions
Aethura :Produces herpetic eruption
Ammoniacum :-Produces Eruptions
Apium Gravealens :-Urticaria always appearing with intense itching with rapid change of location.
Granulating ulcers with profuse discharge.
Acne, eczema, Pemphigus
Lupus, covered with papular eruptions
Thick crust covering yellow pus
Oenanthe Crocata :- Leprosy, Lehthyosis

Thus the action of these drugs
On Nervous system is a sort of abnormal excitability, Convulsions.
On Glandular system – Enlargement or atrophy.
On M.M – Catarrh with profuse secretions
On skin – Pustular eruption

Oaenanthe crocata (C-N- Water drop wort.)
This remedy is indicated in Convulsions that are epileptiform in character and in epilepsy.
Peculiar symptoms in convulsions
Cold as if dead during convulsions.
Noise in throat as if being choked.
Burning heat.
Legs Streteched Straight Out.
All Symptoms<from water.
It is also of service in cases of Leprosy & ichthyosis also where there are red spots on the face.
Useful in Sciatica also.

Aethusa cynapium Fool’s Parsley.
Tincture of Whole Flowering Plant.

Violence is one of the notes of its Action
violent vomiting, violent convulsions, violent Pains& violent delirium.
On the other hand there is prostration & Somnolence.
It is known as “Fool’s Parsley” – because it is indeed a medicine for “fools” – There is great weakness of mind of body. One very charactaristic symptom is “Inability to think or fix the attention”.

Other mental Symptoms
Idiocy- in Some Case alternating with furor.
Hallucinations&Delirium- Sees Cats & dogs,& wants to jump out of bed or out of the window.
Another marked characteristic is Intolerance of milk,Vomiting of milk in Curds
There is great weakness & exhaustion after vomiting . Child is so enhanced, that  It falls asleep at once.
Awakens hungry, cats & vomits again.Hungry after vomiting is the keynote here.
Face -Herpetic eruption top of nose;
Along with gastic symptoms, expression of anxiety or pain.

Eye are turned downwards
All symptoms are < 3 to 4 A.M
< Coffee, coldwater
> Open air, conversation

Water-Parsnip Tincture of the root
Our knowledge of water-parsnip is derived from cases of poisoning through eating the root. The symptoms bear a strong resemblance to those of the other poisonons umbeliferae . The most pronounced features are the drawing of the
– Arms to the middle of the body.
–  Flexure of the fingers
–  Preponderance to the contraction on left side.

Musk -root
Tincture of the powdered root
Sumbul as its name, “ Musk-root”- implies , has an odour resembling that of musk. The resemblance is so close that sumbul is used to adulterate musk. Symptoms are similar to that of Moschus.

1) Nasal & Pharyrgeal catarrha, with nervousness, sleeplessness & tendency to spasms. (especially in children), discharge of tenacious yellow mucus.
2) Ascardes, with bloated, drum-like abdomen & constipation, picking nose
3) Oily pellicle in urine
4) Pain in left uterine region
5) Asthma: Catarrhal, spasmodic or cardiac
6) Climacteric flushing
7) Neuralgia : facial or ovarian , in women of quick & lively nervous constitutions.
8) Neuralgia of Left hypochondria, simulating angina pectoris, with Palpitation in nervous women.
9) Insomnia of chronic alcoholism.
10) Left side is more affected than the right.

Peculiar Sensations
Tongue as if scraped
Like a string pulling in right breast
Cork screw pains in left side of uterns & appendages
As if heart beating in water
The Symptoms are < Motion, sitting , cold
Warmth, Thinking of Symptoms


Petroselinum Sativum
Fresh plant when coming in to bloom

Petroselinum is referred to by Hahnemann as a gonorrhocal remedy when frequent desire to urinate exists. It was proved by Bethman. The main sphere of Action is Genito-urinary Tract.
Leading indications are
1) Sudden urging to urinate and drawing, tingling, crawling or itching in navicular fossa.
2) During micturition , burning & tingling from perineum through whole urethra.
3) After urination cutting biting in fossa navicularis
4) Milky or yellow discharge.
With this indiaction, it is an important remedy for gonorrhoea and gleet, dysuria from prostate enlargements, urinary difficulties of children etc.

Phellandrium aquaticum
Water dropwort
Tincture of fresh ripe fruit

The Symptoms show a general resemblance to those of the poisonous unbelliferae .It is distinguished from the rest in its particular features.
Proving development many symptoms in both mammae, especially the right, with stitches shooting inward.
The key note is “ Intolerable pain in lactiferous tubes between the acts of nursing”, It has also “Pain in nipples on each application of child”. Either the breast may be effected but the right breast and nipple are more affected than the left .
It is an important drug for q the chest affections especially right sided affections.
The cough is continuous & Suffocating
Sputa purulent and horribly offensive.
With this symptoms it can be used in P.T.B
Gastric Symptoms
Offensive Eructation smelling of bed-bugs
There is burning as from vesicles on the tongue & again the right border
Nausea, sick empty faint feeling in epigastria.
“Desire for acids” is a strong symptom.
Headache & Eye symptoms
Headache involving the eyes, with inflammation of the eyes.
Heavy headache as if a crushing weight were on the vertex – as if the head would be drawn back by a weight in the nape
Sense of enlargement of the head with fullness.
Symptoms are < Open air, after spirituous drinks during & after eating

Tincture of roots of 2 nd year
Common Name – Parsnip


The root of the parsnip, after the I st year, is very poisonous & some cases of poisoning have been observed, the symptoms of which make up the schema. A state of perfect “ delirium tremens “ was observed in several persons, illusions of vision, catching at imaginary objects; fighting with one another. A peculiar effect was produced on the stomach, the irritability was depressed and emetics would not act.

Dr P Sumesh  BHMS,MD(Hom)
Medical Officer,Dept. of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala
Email : drsumeshp@yahoo.co.in


  1. Conium,old age numbed dull sensory brain paretic control over voluntary muscles,glandular hard swellings pain still there,wants to keep lydown as vertigo on walk,melancholic mind nightly spasmo cough,old age internal fire dimmed but flushes to face still there,rope burnt but still hot ash maintains figure of rope.

  2. CONIUM,intellectual emotional meticulous dictatorial attitude FIXED ideas.old era homeopaths say fixed ideas on mental plane is hard tumor on physical plane so conium is NEOPLASTIC ARTERIO SCLEROTIC diathesis.physical symptom triad of vertigo perspiration and palpitation esp after stool.mesentric glands swelling cause severe acidity gurgling bad digestion bad taste and constipate alternate days.heels numb then ascend up leg rheumatism periostitis even hidden caries long bones,further up hip pain on walk,flushes heat head photophobia without inflammation,mucus in eyes further up ears fill with red wax repeatedly.railroad like spine as of Bellis P numb weak legs as of cocculus.chronic nasal obstruction even asthmatic and tickling dry cough.EW Hubbard says is full of hidden grief better feel legs hang down.females check breast for hard tumor with stitch pain.one is not social all functions go passive time pass life.

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