Homeopathy Seen as Personalised Nanomedicine new paper in PubMed

Homeopathy Seen as Personalised Nanomedicine  

Rajendran ES. Sep 2018

Among all the discoveries of Hahnemann, potentisation was the most important, though controversial. The curative effect of individualised homeopathic potencies is empirical but inexplicable by the conventional principles of science. This paradox is a highly contentious topic of debate between rationalists and homeopaths. Recent discoveries relating to the nano-particulate nature of homeopathic ultra-high potencies and their potential effect on individual gene expression give new insights into this complex issue. It is concluded that homeopathy may be viewed as ‘personalised nanomedicine’.

From the very beginning, homeopathy has been looked upon with scepticism and sometimes with contempt. Recent scientific discoveries bring into the light hitherto unknown realities of human existence in the fields of health, disease and cure. With the changing milieu of science, from the study of gross matter to the atomic and subatomic levels, medicine and associated therapeutics are likely to undergo changes. Conventional therapeutics have recently coined the idea of ‘personalised medicine’, a con- cept that has always been the essence of homeopathic medicine. 

Accrued over more than 200 years, the methods, experience and research evidence in homeopathy reveal that: (1) homeopathic drug proving is unique and produces temporary signs and symptoms in volunteers; (2) in homeopathic practice, irrespective of the disease diagnosed, patients are administered medicines based on their individual characteristic signs and symptoms, and hence medication is highly personalised; (3) homeopathic potencies could impact on epigenetic programming in patients, leading to cure of a disease; (4) nanoparticles are formed during the process of homeopathic drug potentisation. The above points to the potential of homeopathy as a ‘personalised nanomedicine’ and its important position in the next generation of therapeutic medicine.

Address for correspondence E. S. Rajendran, Department of Homeopathic Philosophy, Vinayaka Mission’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Seeragapadi, Salem 636 308, Tamil Nadu, India (e-mail: rajendranes@gmail.com). 


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