Gems of Homoeopathy in the management of warts

Dr Rajni Devi

The physician who can soonest remove the disfiguring blemishes, heals diseased conditions smooth and beautify the skin is the one whose praises are the loudest proclaimed by the gratified patient. 

Warts are little raised tumors, sessile or pedunculated,hard, generally round rugose and mammilated.They are made up of coherent and enlarged papilae, each containing a loop of blood vessels, more or less nerve tissue,especially at their base.Most of the time skin diseases like warts  have scarcity of symptoms so they are difficult to treat. They only display one or two symptoms which obscure all others. So we have to select the remedy accordingly. Many times we get only location of the complaint as symptom, on the basis of which we have to select the remedy so  here by considering the location medicines for warts from the book “Skin Diseases by Douglass” has been described.


Anus about : Aur., Thuja

Arms upon: Ant.crud., Ars., Calc.c.,  Caust., Dulc., Ferr.met.m., Lyc., Nat. c.,  Nat. sulph.,Nit. Ac., Rhus. Tox., Sep.,Sil., Sulph., Thuja.

Left forearm : Sulph.

  • bend of elbow : Calc.c.
  • wrist (left) :

Back : Nat.c.

Body : Caust., Medor., Thuja.

Buttocks : Con.

Cheek (left) : Calc.c., Sep., Thuja.

Chest : Aur., Calc.c.,

Conjunctiva : Thuja.

Cornea, warty in appearance : Sil.

Ears ,behind : Calc.c., Thuja.

                         wart like growth: Calc.c.

Eyeballs, sensation as though was studded with : Euphr.

Eyebrows ,upon : Anac., Caust., Thuja.

Eyelids : Calc.c., Caust., Mag s., ,Sulph.,Thuja.

                         upper : Calc.c., Mag s., 

Eyes, under : Sulph.

Face upon : Alco., Am.m., Calc.c., Caust., Dulc., Kali. Bi., Kali. C., Mag. S., Nat.m.,,Sep., Thuja 

Feet : Calc.c., Sulph.

                        soles :Sep.

Fingers : Ambra., Ars., Bar.c., Berb., Calc.c.,, Caust., Dulc., Ferr., Lac.c., Lach., Lyco., Nat.m., Nat. S.,,Ox. ac., Pal., Petrol., Psor., Ran.b., Rhus. tox., Sars., Sel., Sep., Sulph., Thuja., Verrucinum.

                        index finger : Caust.(right), Lyco.(left), Thuja.

                        little finger :  Caust., Lac. c

                        middle finger : Berb., Lach.

                        finger, back of  : Lach. 

                        ring finger : Nat.s.

                        back of : Dulc., Lach.

                       side of : Calc.c.Sep., Thuja.

                       tips of : Caust., Thuja.

                      Joints, around : Sars.

                      knucle on : Ox. ac., Pal., Sel.

                     close to the nails : Caust.

                     rudimentary : Berb. 

                     thumb : Lach., Ran. b., Thuja.l

                     left hand : Psor.

Forehead, upon:

Genitals, upon : Calc.c., Cinnab., Eucalyp., Nit. ac.,, Sec.c., Thuja.

                    upon glans penis :,, Thuja.

                    os uteri : Calc.c.,, Sec.c.,Thuja.

                     papilloma urethrae : Eucalyp., Thuja.

                     prepuce, fraenum and inner surface, bleeding when touched : Cinnab., Eucalyp.

Hands, upon back of : Ars., Dulc., Ferr., Nat.c.,, Thuja.

                     left : Ferr. ma.

                     right : Ars.

                     ball of the : Berb.

                       inside of : Ruta.

                       knuckle :, Pal., Sel.

                       left : Ferr. ma., Psor., Thuja.

                       onanist of :, Sep., Sulph., Thuja.

                       palm of : Anac., Nat.c., Ruta.

                       warts like induration in the pal, after a long continued pressure on the part : Borax 

                        right : Ars., Caust., Nat.Sulph., Thuja.

Head, upon : Caust. Sep.

Iris : Thuja

Lips : Caust., Con., Nat.m.,, Thuja.

Upper, smart and bleed on washing:

Mouth and chin, about the : Calc.c.,, Cun., Kali .c., Lyco., Medor., Psor., Sep., Thuja.

Neck, upon : Ant.c.,Calc.c.,Lyco.,, Sep.,Syph.,Thuja.

Right side, Filled with blood : Thuja.

Nose : Alco., Caust., Laur.,, Thuja.

Sternum : Nit. ac.

Thighs , upon : Medor.

Thumbs upon : Lach., Ran.b.,Thuja.

Toes, upon : Spig.

Tongue, upon : Aur.m.,Aur.m.n.,Mang.,Thuja.

Reference: Douglas ME.Skin diseases,their description, etiology, diagnosis and treatment according to law of similia. Reprint edition. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers (P) ltd; 2001.

Dr Rajni Devi
PG Scholar At Dr. M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Jaipur (Rajasthan) A Constituent College Of Homoeopathy University

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