Homoeopathic Management in Depression – an extensive study

Dr Rabiya Bashri

Background and Objectives
Depression is one of the form of mood disorder characterized by predominant disturbance in mood. The first 3 editions of the Diagnosis and statistical manual of mental disorder published by the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-I, II, III) use the term “Affective disorder” to describe disturbance in mood. The revised third edition (DSM-III-R) which is presently in uses, substituted mood, disorder in place of “Affective disorder”. Susceptible or predisposed persons exposed to stress in any form physical, psychological or psychosocial precipitates the illness. Anti-depressive, drugs not to be continued more than 3 weeks develops tolerance, habituation addiction or psychosis. Drugs tried for psychoneurosis may have temporary effect, effect last for few hours.

In Homoeopathy the psychic treatment will perhaps bring down the number of suicidal to half.

By definition Depression is one of the form of mood disorder characterized by predominant disturbance in mood. Clinically significant depression is often referred to major depressive disorder. It has somatic as well as psychological symptoms means that it may be difficult to distinguish from a medical condition. In cases of doubt it is helpful to seek the psychological. Symptoms of depression. Criteria for major depressive episode, source-diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder, 4th edition.


  1. To assess the role of Homoeopathic remedies in treatment of depressed women with family stressors.
  2. To treat the disorder by selecting the constitutional remedy on basis of totality of symptoms.
  3. To reduce recurrent attack and relapses.
  4. Counselling and rehabilitation of women.


  • The present study consisted 30 patients of Depression, who attended my clinic during the period of 29-10-2003 to 31-03-2005.
  • 30 cases of depression were selected on the basis of inclusion criteria, which are all females
  • Females of reproductive age group were considered from menarche to menopause.
  • Diagnosis of depression where made on following points.
  • Basic and absolute manifestation with determinative symptoms of the disease (as per ICD-10 classification of mental disorder) and criteria for major depressive episode (Source-Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder, 4th edition).
  • Determinative symptoms of an individual on the basis of totality of symptoms.
  • Miasmatic diagnosis done.
  • Selection of remedy was done on the basis of repetorial results, characteristic symptoms and miasmatic diagnosis of the patient.


          Out of 30 cases 26 cases improved, 2 cases not improved and 2 cases discontinued.

Interpretation and Conclusion

  • I arrived at the conclusion that Homoeopathic Management of Depression in females with family stressors along with counseling and psychotherapy has shown tremendous result in most of the cases taken for my study.
  • After prescribing indicated remedy patient started improving mentally and physically, as the prescribed remedy has reduced episodes, unnecessary imaginative process come unnecessary in mind.
  • Hence she started feeling better, sense of well being is also followed by.
  • Indicated Homoeopathic remedy after prescribing created awareness to the patient that she is unnecessarily over reacting to the situation around her, and also Homoeopathic indicated remedies will minimize negative reactions to all exposures like mental stress.
  • The Homoeopathic medicines seems to be efficacious in reducing recurrence and bring about significant improvement.      

Key Words
Depression; Mood disorder; Affective disorder; Unipolar; Major Depression; Stress; Suicide; Melancholia; Councelling; Psychotherepy.

Dr. Rabiya Bashri MD(Hom)
Department of Materia Medica,
H.K.E.’S Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
Gulbarga, Karnataka
Email :  rabiya.bashri@pestbgm.org

Download the full dissertation work : http://www.homeobook.com/pdf/research155.pdf

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