Homoeopathic management of arterial ulcer-a case study

Dr.Ranjan Clement Britto BHMS MD

: A case of Arterial Ulcer treated Homeopathically with Anti -miasmatic medicine based on symptom similarity.

KEY WORDS: Arterial Ulcer, Homoeopathic medicine, Antimiasmatic.
Abbreviation: += Present, G=Good, = amelioration, s=same, D=decreased, A=Absent.

INTRODUCTION: Arterial ulcers, also referred to as ischemic ulcers, are caused by poor perfusion (delivery of nutrient-rich blood) to the lower extremities. The overlying skin and tissues are then deprived of oxygen, killing these tissues and causing the area to form an open wound.

CASE HISTORY: A 56-year-old male presented with complaints of wound on bilateral ankle. lateral aspect , with burning pain. Itching. serous discharge (non offensive, no bleeding) Complaints started since 2 years and more from 3-4 months. His complaints started with itching, after a thorn prick  followed with burning sensations at night. Itching increases by scratching, later formed wound. Patient has taken Allopathic medication for the same since the onset of the complaint. Known case of Diabetes Mellitus since 10 years (Stopped Allopathic Medication)

Past History:
Nothing significant
Family History: Hypertension-Mother
Treatment History: Taken Allopathic medication for presenting complaint.

Appearance: Obese
Appetite: Good
Thirst: less (5-6 glasses per day)
Desire: meat

Aversion: vegetables

Habits: Bidi- 10 years back occasionally
Bowel Habit: once /day, (constipation occasionally).
Bladder Habit: 4-5 times /day and 1-2 times at night.
Sleep: Disturbed due to burning pain (11 PM to 6 AM)
Thermal: chilly patient
Dreams: unremembered

Life space investigation:
Patient hails from a Low socioeconomic family. Had apparently an unpleasant, childhood. He was not sent to school and started kooli work at a very young age. He has 3 elder and 5 younger siblings. He was attached to mother. His siblings use to insult him and was thrown out of house, and he never got married. From childhood he is irritable and gets anger but now he doesn’t expose his anger, suppress his emotions.

General physical Examination:
Well-built and moderately nourished
Well oriented with time, place and person.
No signs of pallor, cyanosis, clubbing, icterus and lymphadenopathy

Vital signs:
Temperature: afebrile at the time of examination.
Pulse: 87 beats /min
Blood pressure: 130/80mmhg
Local examination:
Bilateral Ankles: Lateral Malleolus.

  • Wound on both ankles
  • Oval Shape, Irregular Margins, punched out edges
  • Serous Discharge (non offensive), Granulation present, Slough present
  • Surrounding area blackish discolouration, no varicosities.


  • Tenderness present, Base movable, deeper structures muscle felt
  • No contact bleeding, peripheral pulses not felt prominently, no local rise of temperature.
  • Size: Right- 7.4cm×6.5cm×1.4cm, Left8cm×6cm×1.2cm

Systemic Examination:
Respiratory system:
Normal vesicular breadth sounds
No added sounds
Cardiovascular system:
S1 and S2 heard.
No murmur

Arterial Ulcer 

31/ 10/2020

  1. Echinacea 6c


  1. Calc Sulph 6X -10 days

Dry Dressing Alternate days with echinacea tincture.     

Follow up criteria

  1. Sleep
  2. Bowels
  3. Itching
  4. Burning
  5. Discharge

Abbreviations: + = Present, G=Good, > = amelioration, s=same, <=aggravation, A=Absent.

Patient named Mrs E had wound on bilateral leg with burning pain sensation, itching and serous discharge. The case was diagnosed as Arterial ulcer. Nitiric acid 30 and later 200 was prescribed as Anti- Miasmatic remedy, Patient completely recovered.

Author:Dr.Ranjan Clement Britto BHMS MD
Associate Professor, Department of Organon of Medicine
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College
Deralakatte ,Mangaluru 575018
Co-Author: Dr.Febin George
PG Scholar, Department of Organon of Medicine
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College
Deralakatte Mangaluru 575018

See the full case with images 

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