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Dr.Sushil Vats

HOMOEOAPTHIC MEDICAL PANORMA [Journal of Indian homoeopathic medical association-editor Dr.M.G.Oomran July –Sept 2004].

Journal has very integrated outlook articles being varied in topics and interesting in contains. This issue has emphasis on Learning Disabilities-covering the topic from modern as well homoeopathic point of view. An over view of learning disabilities by Dr.Anoopa Rani.C.R is a detailed article on dyslexia.

According to author learning disability refer to a group of complex disorders manifested by significant difficulties in understanding and use of language in speaking, reading, writing, listening, reasoning or mathematical abilities. She has also described the level of dyslexia:

Mild [ level1-2]-Seen in small percentage .Such person have perfect literacy skill with some area of deficit. That poses no problem as long as those specific problems do not create costly mistakes.

Moderate [level4-5] – Here there are continual mistake in spelling, punctuation, capital letters etc. They may also make grammar error, mistakes in reading, comprehension and small errors in math computation.

Level 6-7: Major struggle is seen in all area of academic performance and they have to deal with a sense of failure and discouragement.
Severe [Level8-9]: Academic achievement is often impossible and cannot achieve above a primitive level. Reading is a struggle, cannot attain independent study skills also.

Helping Children with L.D. : Correct and early diagnosis, remediation for each difficulty the child has in reading, writing, spelling, etc. Systematic phonics, direct instruction and multisensory rehearsal help the children suffering with L.D. Find the strengths of child and reinforce them. Help at school by providing extra time for exams., over looking spelling errors, providing scribe for exam, reading out questions from the question paper help these children.

If not understood by parents and teachers the child under goes lot’s of stress during school years. Self –image, self esteem, and self confidence are lost. There are chances that the child may go in for any of the emotional disorders or conduct disorders etc. As physician with social commitment we need to educate parents regarding Dyslexia and associated learning disabilities.
In another Article –learning disabilities and homoeopathy, Dr.Sanchoo Balachandran & Dr.Sudin Kumar have described the rubrics to be considered in the cases of L.D.

1.Abused, ailments from being. 2. Anxiety- study, study effects of too much, can not be resisted. 3. Anticipation-exam.before. 4. Concentration-difficult, cannot fix attention, children in, study reading while. 5. Confidence lacking – children in.6.Confusion-calculating while, reading while, writing while.7.Dyslexic. 8. Education aversion to.9.fear examination before. 10. Idiocy 11.Inattentive-children, study when. 12. Learns, poorly 13 learning disabilities. 14 Mathematics-calculating inability to, geometry to do, horror of, inapt for. 15. Memory- forgetful, weakness, learned by heart, cannot speak what he, fear for what he has, studies of young people.16 Mistakes- calculating, reading, speaking, words, writing. 17 Reading- averse to, difficult. 18. Slowness mental- calculation children.

Rubrics are taken from Murphy Repertory.
This is a well groomed journal but probably not as well circulated.

Dr.Sushil Vats
Co-editor- Vital informer
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