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Dr.Sushil Vats

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In the current issue Dr.M.S.Pramanik writes about ‘some practical aspects for the simplification of homoeopathic prescription’. He has emphasized three points.1-those of the patients, details of the subjective & objective signs and symptomatology.2- those of drugs –details of symptoms collected [a] as provings on healthy human beings [b] as clinical observations and [c] as obtained their toxicological manifestations. 3- Selection of the dosage and timing of administration of drug etc. Dr.Pramanik has also suggested a proforma for case taking.

Dr.Ajay Kumar Ghosh has discussed Spider Remedies He has listed ten remedies prepared from Arachnida or spider poison-Aranea diadema, Aranea scinencia, Aranea tela, Latrodectus hasselti, Latrodectus katipo, Latrodectus mactans, Mygale lasidora, Tarentula cubenis, Tarentula Hispanic,& Theridion. Author has highlighted 4 main sphere of action of spider remedies namely

1. Blood poisoning .2 Cardiac disorders 3.Disorder in nervous system [Chore, over sensitive, insanity & hysteria] 4. Periodicity.
In Cardiac disorder Lactrodactus mactans has specific action. It is very useful in angina pectoris. Violent precordial pain extending to axilla and down left arm and forearm to fingers with numbness of the extremity and apnoea. Later the extremity becomes paralyzed. In blood poisoning 2 remedies are useful- Tarentula cubenis is useful in carbuncle, gangrene, abscess,senile ulcers, burning pain compelling the patient to walk the floor for nights. Rubbing the affected area with palm gives relief. Other useful remedy is Latrodectus katipo.

In chorea 3 remedies are useful- Mygale lasidora-constant twitching of the muscles of the face.The head is often jerked to one side, to right. On attempting to put the hand up to the head it is violently jerked backward. Choreic movements stop during sleep. In Aranea scinencia there is constant twitching of lower eyelids. Tarentula hispanica has choreic affections where whole body, or right arm and left leg are affected.

In over sensitiveness Theridion and Tarentula hispanica are useful- In theridion every sound seems to penetrate through the whole body, causing nausea and vertigo.Vertigo on closing the eyes, from any, even least noise & in Tarentula Hispanic- slight touch along the spine provokes spasmodic pain in the chest and cardiac region.

In periodicity Aranea diadema is mentioned ,it is a remedy for chronic intermittent fever, when the symptoms are aggravated during every spell of damp weather

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