Homoeopathic treatment for Migraine

Homoeopathic treatment for Migraine 

Scutellaria Lat
In nervous sick headaches which are caused by excitement and over-exertion. Frequent scanty urination. Give 5 drops a dose of the mother tincture.

Migraine and neuralgic affections.

Migraine due to acidity and sluggishness of liver.

As excellent remedy for migraine. It should be given in mother tincture in 15-20 drop doses every 2 hours. In severe cases it may be given every half hour and the patient will sleep after two doses.

Calcarea Lac.
It is useful in T.B. diathesis. Give in 3x dilution.

Iris Ver
Periodical nervous sick headache which comes on after the patient relaxes from a mental strain. With school teachers it comes on Saturday or Sunday, and with preachers on Monday. The patient usually vomits a bitter bilious substance and the vomiting gives relief to the pains in the head. Migraine of the eyes with constipation. Objects could only be seen in halves.

If Iris V. fails, this remedy may be tried provided migraine is accompanied with sparkling before eyes.

An excellent remedy for headache caused by loss of sleep following excitement.

When due to grief in hysterical patients. Frequent urination, profuse or scanty.

Headache in pleuthoric and healthy persons. The cause is some disturbance of the circulatory system. The headache is violent, pounding and throbbing.

Iris Tenax
Headache which begins on Saturday before rising, beginning on left eye extending thence to left half of head.

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