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Dr Sushil Vats

HOMOEOPATHIC community journal [July – September 2004, Editor A.S.Mann]
Journal is based on the thoughts of Late Dr. M.L.Seghal, who propagated Seghal School of Revolutionized Homeopathy: In this method medicine is prescribed on present, predominating and persistent mind symptoms of the patient .Mind is considered centre target of a remedy and it is expected that mind will start improving first in every case.

Dr.A.S.Mann in his article ‘importance of mental symptoms in Homoeopathy and management of case’ quotes Dr. Sehgal that medicine must start improving the mind first.disease must start moving from mind to outward to physical outlet. By prescribing similimum medicine the expulsions can take place from any outlet of body which we observe in our daily practice, anus, urethra, vagina, mouth, nose, skin, and also mental outlet.

These extra and abnormal discharges follow the following disciplines:
1. They last a fixed period of time, .i.e. a fixed number of days, hours, minutes, or seconds.
2. This period is always in odd number. i.e. 1, 3,5,7,9.
3. That they have beginning, a peak and an end that is on the central day .i.e. the peak day, it may become more troublesome and then it starts decling and ends.
It is not necessary that these abnormal discharges remain only in one phase .They may come in many phases, but every successive phase will be less in intensity, duration and frequency .And after every phase there is a feeling of increased wealth[well being] , one feels more efficient and energetic.

In this method 3 point to be kept in mind:
1. Familiarity with the stock rubrics and its memorization.
2. Their dictionary meanings.
3. Their interpretations as exemplified by Dr.M.L.Seghal in ROH series IV.

Journal has a interesting column ‘educative homoeo cure’ in which cases discussed in the monthly class of ASRH [THE ASSOCIATION FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN HOMOEOPAHTY] are discussed- Laurocerasus case: A old lady aged 70 years was coming to me{physician} very frequently for various problems like joints pains, often offensive discharge from umbilicus and breathlessness on walking.
She used to say “my daughter in law don’t look after me, she hurts my feeling and she says me this and that without any reason.” One day she told me “I remain almost sleepless or I have never good sleep at home but when I go to some relative’s house, than I enjoy very good sleep.
Then I asked her one question if she feels like going out of house? She replied strongly yes, yes.
Sadness, house, driving out of [only Lauro]
And the rubric from first Para:
Delusion, accused she is [Lauro,Zinc.met.]
25/6/2004: Lauro30/1,pl/tds
9.7.2004: “I am mentally too much better, previously I had sleepless nights and thoughts keep on coming in my mind to weep and weep profusely. PL/TDS
26/07/2004: Much improved in physical complaints also.
14/08/2004: Much improved.
03/09/2004: Improved 100% in all aspect.
Seghal method is the approach method even than one gets surprised by the remedy selection. Intricacies are too many and doctors practicing this system have to have good skill but one would like them to be open ended in their explanations.

Dr.Sushil Vats
Co-editor- Vital informer
Email : drvats@rediffmail.com


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