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Dr Sushil Vats

Homoeo Times. [November ,2004,editor Dr.R.Gnanasambandam]

Journal on research & review is newest journal in homoeopathy. This issue has articles by Dr.Jawahar Shah, Dr.P.V.Venkatraman & Dr.Gnanasambandam .Issue is full of news related to Tamilnaidu Homoeopthy Medical Council .One remarkable aspect of this journal is photo features, 28 pages issue has more than 40 photographs.

Dr.Venkatraman has discussed Berberis Vulgaris as a remedy which is a rock eater i.e. it removes the rock [stones] from our body .He says that Beberis mainly expels or dissolves the calculi. It rarely breaks the stone. In the study conducted by the author it was found to be needed only in 30% of the renal calculus cases. He has given few characters to be remembered when prescribing Berberis-Constant rapid change of nature & location of the symptoms, radiating pain, left sidedness, portal & venous system involvement& agg. from sudden movement.

Dr.Jawahar Shah has discussed a case of Mental Retardation. He has bothered to give the follow from 1993-2001.Case was treated with Medo.30 and followed on placebo. After a long follow up following improvements were noticed-can understand instructions in 3 languages, understands command well, recognizes voices of family .friends and makes an attempt to speak on phone, likes to keep things in order, makes signals and gestures for whatever he wants, can play with others etc.etc.

Dr.R.Gnanasanbandam, the editor has described a case of vitiligo cured with Ars.alb .However doctor being the editor of homoeo times should resist the adjective like a best clinician, nobody is best clinician at the most we can be good doctor that too case to case.
Journal is a good attempt but need solid back and focus on clinical activities rather than on general activities.

Dr.Sushil Vats
Co-editor- Vital informer
Email : drvats@rediffmail.com


  1. According to the Wikipedia entry on Methadone, the drug was first introduced as
    a treatment for addiction to opiates in the United States in 1947.
    Pitta dosha relates to the elements fire and water. Loss or change in color of the inner layer
    of your eye (retina).

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