Homoeopathy for sleep disorders of children

childrenBELLADONNA –Half opened eyes, restless sleep with sudden starts; moaning and screaming during sleep. Grinding, stertorous sleep. Somnolence, sleepy yet cannot sleep. Sleeps with hands under the head.

BENZOICUM ACIDUM ( where nit rum fails) —Starts up. Awakes with breathlessness and palpitation.

CALCAREA CARB —-Screams and cannot be pacified. Nightmares Fearful &fantastic dreams. Snoring.

CAUSTICUM —-Restless sleep. Starts laughs and cries. Drowsy can hardly keep wakes up. No sensation of passing urine; scarcely believes until he makes sure of sense of touch.

CINA—–Restless during sleep. Lies on abdomen, knee -chest. Talks, cries, screams; wakes frightful. Hangs his head to one side .will not sleep unless rocked.

EQUISETUM —Dreams of seeing crowds of people.

FERRUM MET— Sleepy: of debility. Restless lies on back. Vivid unpleasant, fell into water.

KALI BROM —Somnambulism starts. Deep sleep, Moans, cries, Grinding. Horrible dreams.

KALI PHOS —Night terrors. Somnambulism. Amorous dreams. Restlessness. Wakes up with fright.

KEREOSTEM —Dreams of falling poisoned. Fire, of urination in a descent manner. Wakes with urinating from deep sleep but cannot retain. Restless, Tosses. Would not sleep until caressed &foundled.

LAC CANINUM —She dreams of urination

MERCURIUS —Sleepless of anxiety Restlessness, dreams of water ; thieves, animals .

ARG MET —Restless sleep, anxious frightful dreams, Screams.

BARYTA CARB- –Talks in sleep Twitching. Lies on one side.

NATRUM MUR —Somnambulism starts and takes in sleep Dreams of robbers, vivid, frightful, Tosses

PHOSPHORUS —Somnambulism. Dreams of fire lewd, vivid; business she couldn’t finish. Starts in sleep. Lies on right side.

PULSATILA —Lies with hands over head or crossed on abdomen and feet drawn up. Talks, screams. Restless. Tosses. Dreams confused, frightful.

RHUS TOX —Dreams of exertion, fire : blood. Restless; tossing.

SEPIA —Talks loud. Wakes up. Restless. Dreams of urinating anxious.

SILICEA —Somnambulism. Talks loudly, laughs. Dreams of Lascivious; pleasant, murders, restless, wakes up frightened.

SULPHUR —Sleeps in catnaps, talks, jerks and twiches in sleep; wakes up singing vivid dreams

THUJA —Dreams of death of falling from a height.

TUB-bov—–Dreams of vivid, frightful, restless, Tosses, screams. Awakes in horror.

ZINC —Screams, jerks, starts, Somnambulism.

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