Homoeopathy is not a closed or archaic science

lab11Dr Suhana P Azis
Hahnemann and Homoeopathy w​ere​always ahead of contemporary science and time.

Homoeopaths ,come out of your shells,bask in the limelight ,show the world how our system perform wonder cures. Make it all evidence based ,well documented and scientifically chronicled. Its no big deal…just add documentation to your daily practice.

A lot of quality data is being generated by the Homoeopathy practitioners across India.

Central and State support for Homoeopathy is helping a big way in the public selecting this as a first line of treatment for health issues.

All our Government and Private Homoeopathic Medical colleges with IP/OPD facilities can contribute a lot in scientifically indexing the case studies by engaging in Central and state sponsored research schemes and the results thus observed can be brought out in national and international platforms and published in peer reviewed journals.

I personally feel ,Homoeopathy is practised with the utmost respect in India but a lack of scientific awareness among the practitioners and faculty is preventing the dissemination of information thus gathered.

A lot of collaborative and interdisciplinary researches are going on all over the world in the field of CAM(Complementary and Alternative medicine).

I urge our public and private practitioners to collaborate with prestigious institutes and universities by submitting feasible research proposals and these can be well co-ordinated with some scientific insight.

I am giving the following links which will give an insight into the quality work done all over the world and to feel motivated in being a part of it.

It includes the links to peer reviewed journals with good Impact Factor where articles related to Homoeopathy are published.Also links to some international platforms are also enlisted.







http://annals.org/(Highest impact factor)




Dr Suhana P Azis
Senior Research Fellow,
Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy,
Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,
61-65 Institutional Area,Opp.D Block,

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