Homoeopathy – the future of medicine

Dr Sreevals G Menon

Medical treatment with Homoeopathic therapeutics, at its very outset aims at management of disease beyond the actual expectation of the sick humanity ! The complete nature of this therapeutic science gets important around the globe year by year for reasons more that one. Gifted by clairvoyance, extreme linguistic skills and extraordinary intelligence, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a leading Surgeon and Physician of Germany suffered from contempt towards his own allopathic school of medical studies and sets out into hunting literatures for the right alternatives.

While exercising his linguistic abilities during a translation of medical literature he finds clues about a virgin concept in medicine which had not seen light until then. His desire to develop on those despite immense opposition was the reason for the birth of ‘Homoeopathy’ 200 years back. Post modern by its concept and inception 400 years after the so-called modern medicine took shape, Homoeopathy continues it triumph into time setting free the bindings of side-effects of drugs and delivering cure of a complete nature, avoiding many a surgical intervention and with a softer impact on ones medical expenses !

Discussing about the major domains of Homoeopathic efficiency I would first talk about ALLERGY. A difficult situation resulting from hyper-responsiveness to external and internal causes and at times from unfavorable descend through genetic inheritance, this multi-headed monster often has its impact on upper, lower respiratory tracts and skin, and nomenclatures by various disease names !.

Be it Atopic Dermatitis, Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Bronchitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Contact Dermatitis, Allergic Nasal polyp, Allergic pharyngitis and laryngitis…., all find their roots at allergy. Homoeopathy by its novel idea of introspection of the case by the individualization mandate in case-taking diagnoses the person beyond the disease per se. The application of this holistic science in the form of therapeutics often compromises hyper-responsiveness setting him free from the clutches of allergic disorders and facilitating normal life.

The other major sectors of Homoeopathic excellence are Obstetrics & Gynecology, Trichology [hairfall and other related diseases], Dermatologic ailments, Gastro-intestinal disorders, Cancer, Neurological disorders, Psychiatry, Renal diseases, Male & Female Infertility, Diabetes, Rheumatology, Hypertension and Cholesterol related ailments. Homoeopathy also does immensely well in diseases related to the heart.

Among the Gastrointestinal disorders the best treated illnesses are those related to the stress factors, and other psycho-somatic disorders. The major conditions are Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Peptic Disease, Flatulent Dyspepsia, Peptic Ulcer & Chronic gastritis. Disorders of Liver, Pancreas and Intestines often turn a major reason for suffering in many patients which are often corrected with ease using Homoeopathic Therapeutics. Here again the diagnosis is very vital in prescribing under various heads and approaches which entirely depends on the seat of the disease. Very often all major investigations are often sought for interpreting the disease in detail and also as prognostic criterions to assess development towards cure.

The approach in female disorders is very holistic where the individual is deeply assessed in terms of thermal reactions, reactive patterns of the mind, basic attitudes, meteorological reactions, factors modifying the illness, temperament etc. The stress factors are deeply assessed. Every disease related to the female genital organs, diseases related to the menstrual cycles and other organs can be treated well by the Homoeopathic system leaving absolutely negligible possibilities of recurrence.

 Prophylaxis, or in other words the preventive aspects of diseases, mostly endemic and epidemic diseases has been proved off late as a major advancement in Homoeopathy. In the past decade Homoeopathy was solely responsible for limiting many outbreaks by the appropriate intervention of the Government sectors and the Homoeopathic Medical Colleges with support from the urban and rural private practitioners who shouldered the mission. The preventive medicines revealed by the ‘Genus Epidemicus’ study was widely used for Cholera, Japanese Encephalitis, Chikun Guniya, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fevers, Leptospirosis [Weil’s Disease] etc. Preventive medicines were widely distributed by these bodies at the disease stricken areas and surrounding promptly reducing new outbreaks, incidences of cases and thus setting new standards in community health care.

The recent advancement in Science and Materials Labs, Arizona has helped interpret the extreme scientificity of Homoeopathic medicines through the explanations favoring the formation of nano-molecular bubbles in the vehicle [water, alcohol] as a part of the act of homoeopathic potentisation where the OH radicals present in these inherits the properties of the mother drug substance at its sp hybridization levels which remains in the vehicle much after the non- existence of the mother drug quantitatively, thus explaining the action of Homoeopathic medicines of higher dynamization status !

The recent development as a part of a conference in favor of NASA, at the Rutger’s University says that Homeopathy could be the next choice in their Lunar Settlement projects for future!! The conventional medicines of allopathy are found to fail for space conditions. This is because of problems related to absorption and solubility of such medicines in extreme environments, where there is no gravity. This is where our ultra-diluted medicines could come up as a possible substitute as they are easily absorbed by the body. The only system of medicine which uses ultra-diluted medicines is Homoeopathy which gives it a huge momentum into a futuristic medicine!!

The similarities in the Mitochondrial DNA concepts and the fundamentals of Homoeopathic philosophy about concepts of miasms, the formation of Psora in particular!, gives hope in a new direction, where the genetically inherited diseases could be added to Homoeopathic scope and domain with possibilities of efficient intervention. The observation also adds credibility to the Homoeopathic philosophy. The miasmatic assessment of individuals could be done and diseases could be anticipated, envisioned, treated and controlled efficiently abiding the concepts in the Homoeopathic Philosophy!

I therefore leave the readers to ponder on these and to assess if Homoeopathy is just a complementary & alternative system of medicine, or a post modern system of medicine which could also be addressed as the future of Medicine!

Dr Sreevals G Menon
Email : sreevalsm@gmail.com

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