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Dr Shiv Dua    

‘Prescribing in homoeopathy is both science and art but it is difficult art’, says Dr. S.R. Phatak, author of popular ‘concise repertory’. I would like to add that prescribing is difficult as well as ‘individual’ art. Everyone likes to add ‘individual’ dimension to his/her prescribing. Variation in potency, frequency, and intake method makes it an individual art. It is this individuality that we get tips from senior doctors in seminars. These tips help us when there is confusion to reach totality of a case.

It takes whole of life and hard work to invent a theory. Tips in homoeopathy are not inventions but these help making inventions. Tips may or may not be mixed- medicines. The accepted tips are on single, double or groups of medicines. They are complementary, related, following well or followed well. Example of such accepted tip is Nux in the night and Sulphur in the morning.

Useful tips

  • Give medicine either dissolved in water or pills placed beneath the tongue for better results.
  • Try to comprehend the case properly and in doubt only go for the tips mentioned here-below.
  • When a patient uses, ‘I’, while narrating symptom, it is a general symptom. When patient uses ‘my’ instead of ‘I’, it is particular symptom. This is general rule.
  • Avoid using sub-standard medicine. Get your medicines from good and reliable drug company.
  • Give medicines to physically and mentally handicapped persons free of cost.
  • Examine every patient physically using your instruments. Verbal enquiries do not satisfy the patients.
  • Potency selection of the remedy must be through susceptibility, sensitivity and stage of disease besides similarity of the selected medicine with disease.
  • Tell the patient not to take medicine during its aggravation time. (examples are: ars. 1 to 2 AM and PM, arn, nux and heper-6AM, bell 3 to 4PM and lyco 4 to 8 PM (7 PM), Rhus-t- 7PM and so on)
  • Amelioration followed by return of old symptoms means that cure will take place. Sudden amelioration of all symptoms shows the remedy is right and disease is not deep seated. Short and sharp aggravation followed by long amelioration tells that remedy is right. Long aggravation followed by slow improvement means disease is deep seated and prognosis is not good. Quick improvement followed by long aggravation also means the same.
  • When urine, stool, sweat, sleep and thirst have become normal and appetite has also returned normal, think that the remedy has worked.
  • When patient’s energy has increased and he feels well although physically not well, your remedy has worked. 

External hemorrhoids, painful

  • First day- Nitric acid 200 morning, and Thuja 200 after noon.
  • Second day- Silicea 200 morning, and Nitric acid 200 afternoons.
  • Third day- Thuja 200 morning and Sil 200 afternoon.
  • Fourth day- Nitric acid 200 morning and Thuja 200 afternoon.
  • Next three days- S.L. morning and afternoon. The patient will get tremendous relief.
  • If the pains are not there after say two days, use S.L. on third and fourth day onwards.

Pains Skeletal muscles, cramps, sprains etc.

  • Bry 200 and Rhus tox 200, morning and afternoon respectively on first day.
  • Ruta 200 and Bry 200 morning and afternoon on second day.
  • Rhus tox 200 and Ruta 200 morning and evening on third day.
  • Bry 200 and Rhus tox 200 morning and evening on fourth day.
  • Next three days- SL.

Pains, Smooth muscles, pains spasmodic and colicky

  • Colo 200 and Mag.phos 200, morning and evening for four days.
  • If the pains are not there after, say, two days, use S.L. on third and fourth day onwards.

Pains, Lancinating and shooting

  • Hyperi 200 in the morning, phytoll 200 in the evening –first day
  • Staph 200 in the morning and Hyp.200 in the evening- second day
  • Repeat and alternate in the manner as in skeletal muscle pains.

Pus cell +++ in urine

  • Lyco 30 on empty stomach and Lyco 200 at 1P.M for three days only. S.L. Later for five days. Get the pus cells checked after eight days and find pus cell much less. Do not repeat and go for other symptoms of body.

Diarrhea and vomiting after marriage party or heavy meals outside in hotels

  • Ars 200 two doses after an interval of one hour and then same in the night.
  • Next day Puls 30/QID
  • Third day, Puls 30/TDS
  • Fourth day, Puls 30/BD
  • There will not be any need for any other medicine after four days.

Indigestion, flatulence, constipation (general)

  • Nux vom 30, evening and night, sulpher 30 in morning for three days.

Amoebiasis, chronic

  • First day-Sulpher 200, morning and evening- first day.
  • Second day-Merc. Sol 200 in the morning and Thuja 200 evening.
  • Third day-Sulpher 200, morning, Merc.sol 200 afternoon before sun set, and Thuja 200 in evening.
  • Fourth to seventh day – Merc. sol200 morning and Thuja 200 evening.

Prostate enlargement- BHP

  • Sabal. s-Q-8 drops morning, Hydrang-Q- 8 drops evening and conium 200 bed time for three days. This will control most of problems of BHP. Thereafter, give conium 200 weekly one dose and biochemic Calc. fluor 6x/ TDS daily. Check the prostate weight and urine- residue after one month. You will find excellent results.

Upper respiratory tract infection

  • Aco 6 in morning, Gel 6 in afternoon and Ars 6 in evening for three days.

Cold, running nose and sneezing

  • Aco 6 every hour five doses. Running nose will abort. Next day give aco 6 four times a day.
  • Third day, aco 6 three times a day.

Recurring boils

  • Myristca seb- 200X, one dose will make difference.

Please note that failures are due to non-comprehension of cases properly, use of substandard medicines and lack of experience.


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