Hompath Zomeo 30 day free trial and iPhone X contest

FIVE lucky winners get iPhone X each – No payment, No credit card, just download and install

You are now just one-step away from entering the iPhone X contest!

Book your Zomeo Repertory software at Rs 5000 and enter the contest.

Zomeo Software priced at Rs 39,000. Balance amount shall be paid in 7 monthly instalments of Rs 5000 each

Contact: Academic Head for Research & Education. Mind Technologies🇮🇳 +91-7407999366; zomeo.india@gmail.com


Why Zomeo?
Accurate & authentic repertories, books. Most powerful features.

  • 40 Repertories with Complete Repertory 2017 by Roger van Zandvoort
  • 110 Homeopathic Materia Medica Books
  • Complete Information of 3200+ Homeopathic Remedies
  • 3251 Remedy Properties and 803 Remedy Relationships
  • 8000+ Cured Cases from well-experienced doctors
  • Built in Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
  • Homeopathic Clinical Repertory 3.0 & Nature’s Materia Medica by Robin Murphy
  • 1250+ Volumes of Homeopathic books
  • 16 Journal variants with 8700+ Articles
  • 636 Clinical tips verified in 1000’s of cases
  • 1561 Keynotes of homeopathic medicines
  • 615 Patient instructions for 70+ disease conditions

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