Hompath Zomeo – the high-end homoeopathic software

Hompath Zomeo – the high-end homoeopathic software 

Dr Mansoor Ali
Professor, Govt Homoeopathy Medical College.Calicut

A software specially designed for with  deeper commitment towards Practice, Research and Thesis.

Hompath Zomeo is innovative next generation Homeopathy software for Homeopathy researchers, practitioners, teachers and students. The advanced repertory software provides indispensible data and features to analyze your patients’ case and helps you to arrive at prescriptions in minutes. 

Packed with Complete Repertory 2020, 42 repertories, 1300 volumes of Homeopathy books with intelligent and accurate search and expert systems, the software is a complete A-Z solution for every homeopath.

Available in English, Spanish, German (Deutsch), Portuguese, French languages

Zomeo – Homeopathic Software is a compilation of vital resources that empowers doctors, teachers, students and researchers with its huge compilation of repertories, materia medica books and homeopathic library books 

Salient features 

  • 41 + Repertories with Complete Repertory 2019 by Roger van Zandvoort
  • Q-Rep, Repertory of Mental Qualities & Provings by Jeremy Sherr
  • Complete Information of 3400+ Homeopathic Remedies
  • 16 Journal variants with 8700+ Articles
  • 3251 Remedy Properties and 803 Remedy Relationships
  • 636 Clinical tips verified in 1000’s of cases
  • Built in Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
  • Veterinary module with Veterinary repertory and 17 books
  • 615 Patient instructions for 70+ disease conditions
  • 133 + Homeopathic Materia Medica Books
  • Perfect Repertory of Mind by Dr. Yogesh Sehgal 
  • 1250+ Volumes of Homeopathic books
  • 8000+ Cured Cases from well-experienced doctors
  • 1561 Keynotes of homeopathic medicines
  • Homeopathic Clinical Repertory 3.0 & Nature’s Materia Medica by Robin Murphy 
  • 10 million Symptoms
  • 7343 Articles
  • 4 Expert Systems
  • 3000+ Remedies
  • 636 Clinical Tips
  • 72 Diet and nutrition tips
  • Select right potency for your patient 

462 NEW books in the MM and library – including Robin Murphy’s Nature’s Materia Medica, Soul of Remedies by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Elements of Homeopathy, Minerals of Homeopathy and Secret Lanthanides by Jan Scholten and others

Latest books from various schools of thoughts – ICR (M. L. Dhawale Memorial Trust), Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Predictive Homoeopathy, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala’s Temperament Method (Tempraz), Sehgal Brothers’ ROH series books, etc.

Simplified Repertory and MM search – just like web search engines

Search as you type using Live Search

Quick connectivity of remedy to its cases, Materia Medica and clinical tips – through Strategic Tools

Source and Author information of each remedy in Complete repertory

Remedy filters – (no other software has these much of filters)
You can select the most appropriate remedy and potency for your patient by using these filter 

  • Acute, Chronic, Intercurrent 
  • Chilly, hot Ambithermal
  • Thirsty, Thirstless, large quantity, small quantity 
  • Appetite – decreased, increased, day satiety 
  • Miasm -psora,sycotic, syphilitic 
  • Side 
  • Moon phase 
  • Time phase – morning, forenoon, after noon 
  • Sex
  • Polychrest
  • Drug source – plants, animals, minerals, nosodes etc.

Information about 

  • Mother tincture
  • Prophylaxis
  • Therapeutics
  • Word meaning
  • Cross reference
  • Viva questions
  • Question bank
  • Group Symptoms

Quick Search : Quick Search’ enables you to do a simple search of the word you have given query for.

Advanced Search 

  • Search for a remedy within the search results 
  • Saving the Search Results as a File record 
  • Saving the Search Results as a Repertory.

Unique Features especially designed for P.G. Students

  • Advanced Convert Repertory to Materia Medica 
  • Statistics of Materia Medica Search Results
  • Remedy Study from Materia Medicae Search Results

Homeopathy Repertory
Easy search options letting you browse through thousands of rubrics from collection of 41 repertories within no time. Apply strategic repertorization filters. Prescribe perfect similinum

Confirm Your Prescription
Confirm your remedy using 1200 homeopathy books and 8000+ cases. Use Potency Selector to help to find dosage and repetition.

Patient Management System
Secure all the vital information of your patients. Complete case record, investigations, prescription and follow-up & Appointment scheduler

Remedy Information
Complete information of more than 3400+ homeopathic medicines. Compare and confirm remedies from different homeopathic material medica books.

Homeopathy Materia Medica
Packed with 133 homeopathy materia medica books, with easy search and referring capacity, helps you to confirm the remedy from any author in any book effortlessly.

Quick Symptom Recording
Need a detailed case history & prefer recording rubrics as patient narrates complaints? Hompath Zomeo Homeopathic Software has Quick Case Record to meet your needs. Whatever your needs, Zomeo has it all!

Compact Homeopathic Library
Homeopathy remedy finder is easy now through authentic homeopathic books by best authors. Therapeutics of more than 200 + clinical conditions with clear differentiation

Homeopathic Clinical Tips
Systematically arranged clinical tips from acute to chronic diseases. Immensely beneficial when you are stuck in difficult cases. These tips have been tried on 1000’s of patients and which is known to give results

Expert Systems
Hompath Zomeo is powered by Expert Systems viz Acute Expert System, Tempraz Expert System, Element Theory Expert System, Seigal Expert System to make a expert prescriber

Built-in Utilities
600 + patient’s instructions, Diet and nutrition guidance, Excellent information on external and internal mother tinctures, Preventive homeopathic medicines

Zomeo Veterinary Module
Built-in Veterinary Module to enhance your vet practice. Veterinary Repertory by Dr. Surjit Singh and 17 Volumes books by James Moore, John Rush, Ruddock E.H, Harndall etc.

Zomeo in your language
Use Zomeo in your language. Operate Zomeo with English, Spanish, German (Deutsch), Portuguese, French languages simultaneously.

Jeremy Sherr Module
Add-on Jeremy Sherr Module with Q-Rep, Repertory of Mental Qualities, 24 proving books by Jeremy Sherr.

Student Academic Module
Unique Academic module for students with viva questions, question banks, clinical investigations, MCQs etc.

Mind Technologies
8, New Hari Niwas, Dattatray Road , Santacruz (West)
Mumbai – 400 054, India
Email : support@hompath.com
Ph: +91 9869071606

Free one month trial available at www.hompath.com


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