How homeopaths can practice without knowing anything about their medicines?

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

Once a person, after reading a critical article about homeopathy, asked me out of his curiosity, “How homeopaths can practice without knowing anything about their medicines?” He thought that we just give some sweet pills blindly as the critics say there is nothing in homeopathic medicines. Such fellows are not aware of the information we have about our medicines. Here are a few things we know about our medicines.

The following details are available in the homeopathic literature about our medicines. It is also found applicable and reproducible in our day-to-day practice.

  1. Source of medicines, their chemical, physical and biological properties, details about active principles, toxicological data, best time to collect the medicinal sources, detailed preparation and preservation of medicines etc. There are also several studies done on higher potencies of our medicines including most advanced nano technology. Many studies are also in progress like every system. In this matter we are taking help of experts in science and technology. 100 percent information is not available in any system in this world.
  2. Effect of those medicines on healthy provers in the form of Materia Medica, which includes source books and clinical Materia Medica and therapeutic books.
  3. There is mention of sphere of action and location affinity of each and every medicine (not just systems, but even specific locations), the sides, specific location affinities such as muco-cutaneous junction, mastoid process, intercostals space, etc. All these details are very clearly mentioned in our homeopathic books.
  4. The duration of action of medicines in hours and days given in our medical literature.
  5. Our books have given the special affinity of our medicines to act in different age groups and the nature and type of people who will get benefited by the medicines.
  6. The list of medicines that can be useful during some particular seasons and the medicines to be avoided during some climatic conditions and other circumstances are also given.
  7. The type of foods and beverages that can affect the action of medicines including antidoting the medicinal action.
  8. The time and the situation in which a medicine can work better in an individual patient are also given.
  9. The medicine that can be given when one remedy does not help in a particular condition or sickness is mentioned in various books.
  10. Which remedy can be used for completing the curative action of previous remedy in a particular condition is mentioned in various books.
  11. The medicine that can be given to remove the ill effects of the previous remedy is give. Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book has a section exclusively for remedy relationships, using that, a list of remedies related to one particular case can be selected for follow-up.
  12. The series of medicines that can be given one after the other for a best result is also available in our literature.
  13. The same homeopathic medicines are available in various potencies that can be applied as per various features of the case. There are guidelines for the selection of a potency and dosage.
  14. There are medicines listed for the side effects of various food items, beverages and medicines. No other medical literature provide such a long list of medicines for the side effects of various items we come across in our day to day life.
  15. There are several medicines that can remove the troubles due to various things like life style changes, emotional stress, injuries, exposure to external agents, etc.
  16. We also have data on medicines that works in specific potency in certain situations and the best potency for children, terminally ill patients and patients with low vitality.
  17. We also have books that teach us about the symptoms that show improvement in cases, and the symptoms that show wrong direction of cure and bad prognosis.

The above-mentioned points are scattered in our homeopathic books, which include Organon of Medicine, Lesser writings, homeopathic philosophy books, source books and other materia medica books, various repertories, Homeopathic pharmacy books, homeopathic therapeutics books and various books on clinical experience, and research works done in the field of homeopathy. Homeopathic magazines, articles, thesis written by doctors and paper presentations by pioneers and contemporary physicians also provided us extra knowledge.

So, we have all such details available. And using such information in our day-to-day practice is our main task.

We Know Much More About Our Medicines

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Kerala, India


  1. Many thanks for publishing this for us all to read. God bless you and all other homeopaths in the world. Keep up the good work!

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