Hunger strike in National Institute of Homoeopathy Kolkata

nihWhy NIH students fighting with director since last two-three years ?

From 17/02/2015 onwards, there is continuous HUNGER STRIKE by the students of National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata – many students now hospitalized.

Strike started on the issue of shortage of attendance of the first BHMS students , now students demand resignation of Director by siting various issues.

Director Dr SK Nanda’s stand 

  • These students are acting on instruction of some of the vested interest persons of this Institute.
  • First BHMS examination was due on 24/2/2015.
  • Out of 89 students only 5 students were having 75% attendance.
  • As per the statute of university 75% is required .
  • They want even those did not attend classes during 18 months they also demanded to be allowed.
  • As per CCH Director/Principal is not having any power to change, university in consultation with CCH may consider in individual case on extra ordinary condition.
  • Director, AYUSH and Joint Secretary AYUSH came for the purpose. Students on instigation demanded Resignation of Director. Which is neither possible nor desirable
  • Every day  they abuse Director with slang language on 17/3/15 they manhandled on the way back to my residence.

Students’ arguments
From 17/02/2015, 10 am onwards, There is continuous HUNGER STRIKE following the path of Mahatma Gandhi, 22 students out of 28 students had already been hospitalized in State General Hospital in Emergency Unit.

Students demand immediate resignation of Prof. (Dr.) SK Nanda, Director of national institute of homoeopathy

Following being the reasons :-

  • Candidates from BIMSTEC Countries, nominees from different States and Union Territories, OBC, SC and ST Students admitted to this institute are repeatedly being harassed by the authority of National Institute of Homoeopathy to get their SCHOLARSHIP every year.
  • Regularly students are being harassed as the Director always replies in dirty, filthy, unparliamentarily words whenever any student approaches him.
  • The Director also used to roam and PEEP around the Girls’ Hostel premises at 3 A.M. in the morning which is also under his so called self-proclaimed duties which is beyond our thinking.
  • No implementation of Auto renewal of stipend during Internship and post graduate scholars.
  • No initiation for House – staffship which is available in all other Govt. medical colleges. House staff ship should be introduced in our Institute also as per CCH norms.
  • Till now no proper water- purifier (Aquagard ) in both the hostels after lodging false FIR against 7 students who were not even present at the alleged place at the purported attack on him, only to stall a genuine demand for provision for proper drinking water at Hostel.
  • Filed police case against the Post Graduate Trainees as they went for strike for water in their hostel and tried to enforce Sec. 144 of CrPc in the campus. After losing the case, the Director served show cause notice to 4 PG students and forced them to do Hunger strike for continuous 5 days.
  • Due to prolonged negligence, the building of the Boys’ & Girl’ Hostel has been damaged and has thus restricted its usable area. The ceilings of the corridors, bathrooms and some of the rooms are falling making our life more dangerous. No action has been taken about this, despite repeated requests over the last 2 years.
  • In the girls hostel, there is no proper accommodation for the junior girls. They have to share the beds in twos. It’s in such a condition that in one room 4 junior girls have which is accommodated for 2 girls only.
  • In OPDs there is no proper place for the clinical examination of the patient and we are having very less knowledge in clinical examination, thus no patient privacy.
  • No emergency department and proper hospital amenities in spite of such a big Institute. USG, X-RAY & ECHO machines are not working properly.
  • Unavailability of medicines in the pharmacy and the poor patients have to buy medicine from outside.
  • Patients have to walk up to the 3rd floor to the OPD no 1, 2 3 as the lift is not functioning for the last 3 years( Orthopaedic department in 3rd floor).
  • On all the occasions, the Director requisites 3-4 police vans in the premises without any cognate reason.
  • During his class hours, the Director threatens the students and uses slang and indecent languages if he gets angry in front of everyone.
  • Mentally torturing the students and teachers by giving threats of FIR and memo.
  • No initiative to resolve the deficiency of full time Pathologist, Gynaecologist, Paediatrician on all working days.
  • No proper internet facilities but still the Institute is charging Rs. 2250/- in 1st BHMS Rs. 1500/- in other academic years.
  • Obstructing by the Director, debarring the students from participating in the programmes, like Short Scholarship Student initiated by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy or other similar bodies.
  • Sheer negligence and lack of attention reg. conducting any CME program, organising national/ international seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Though the Director essentially a homoeopathic doctor with post – graduation degree, but neither he sits in OPD, nor he attends any patient.
  • There are no airway or railway ticket concessions for the students of other states and outside Kolkata.

“Out of 89 students only 5 students were having 75% attendance”

Unfortunately students mentioned nothing about the shortage of  their attendance. What happened to their attendance and classes ?

Now days students not attending the classes in this prestigious institute?


  1. Dear writer,
    Even though I know I am just a student and my voice doesn’t matter in your article but I still want to after writing all this how come you have only one question in your mind that too based in lies?
    Questions like *how come the best college of homoeopathy is running without any proper instrument?
    *how come they dont have enough medicine for pt. when central govt. giving a lot of money? * why CME program is stoped? *how come the ortho dipt. in 3rd floor and pt. lift is not working? *why the director peeps at girls hostel at night? *why being a medical student we have to drink direct water and have to live in unhygienic and dangerous conditions? etc. etc. Aren’t those questions boggling you???
    Sir, i will be waiting for your answer please do reply as soon as possible…

  2. To the admin………
    You should know the whole thing before you put this article…without knowing everything you putted this…this thing will give wrong massage to the other people about our movement….

  3. These is to all readers plz do read carefully if you wanna know what’s happening in the pioneering institute of Homoeopathy plz come to the college and see then judge us. Talking to the director alone will never give you the slightest idea of the horror we had to go through all these years and if and i am saying again unbiasedly , if you find our cause and reasons legiminate then join us and save our college from tyranny of our director . Thank You

  4. The reply to the attendance question – Firstly out of 89 students 5 persons had attendance ,the complete sentence is 5 persons had 75 percent attendance in all the 5 subjects , there were many students whose attendance were lagging in one or two subjects only , according to the conditions no one should have been allowed but the director himself was caught giving forms illegally to few students whose attendance were 22% , still unable full fill the universities criteria he started a bargain with students about how much he will allow , the movement as again said was not for attendance , it was for corruption that the director has brought …. We speak with evidences so anyone seeking truth may come to the college anytime to see. He has always been a cunning liar he had fed the students with lies before . we know him better than any one else , constant threats of jeopardizing students future will not be tolerated by us.

  5. Well,its quite sad to read that inspite of knowing that students are on hunger strike battling with their lives..u are questioning them regarding their attendance.!!
    Lemme tell you about The Director..who arranged and illegal form fillup outside the college campus without any prior notice to the concerned batch.This creates an environment of mistrust among students. This is clear that he is intentionally playing with the career of the students.
    And this is not the first time strike is going on in NIH. Rest everything is clear to all.

    • It’s sad to know that out of all the 22 strong reasons why the whole institute is fighting for justice against the director, the admin just found the attendance issue strong enough to highlight it and question the students. Isn’t the patient welfare and the deteriorating condition of institute strong enough a reason to raise our voice?

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