IHMA Conference Dr Anita S Salunkae at Kerala

IHMA(Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association)  Central Zone Conference & National Scientific Seminar  on 27th October  2013 at Hotel Pearl Regency , Thrissur  ( walkable distance from KSRTC stand & Railway Station )  Hosted  by IHMA Thrissur chapter.

TARGET CHRONICS – The new currents in Homoeopathy.
‘ Application of Miasms to treat Pathological,Incurable and Developmental disorders’

Dr Anita S Salunkae MD a gifted homeopath whose powerful and intuitive healing skills have carved a special niche for her as one of India’s most sought-after homeopaths. Founder of  “MindHeal” Homeopathy, she is a specialist in incurable and pathological cases with extraordinary results. Dr Salunke is regarded for her Genetic and Miasmatic understanding of cases, which she has expanded to mind and body in the treatment of disease. She also has a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in Psychiatry and has made the treatment of psychiatric cases an area of special interest.
Her unique method integrates their key tenets – In-depth Case Taking and Kingdom Theory & Theory of Suppression and the Genetic Origins of Miasmatic Theory and also recently evolved tool of “Key Sensitivity’.      Dr Salunke’s approach to homeopathy grew out of her close association, for a decade each, with two renowned,   international stalwarts –    Dr Rajan Sankaran and Dr Praful Vijayakar of the Predictive School.
In this session she will be presenting cases, her unique method to tackle chronic conditions and life style diseases like diabetes, thyroid conditions, hypertension etc..which we are sure will be beneficial to everyone present.


Registration Fee
Up to 20th OCT 2013                                                   After 20th OCT 2013
Rs 600 for IHMA members                                       Rs 750 for IHMA members
Rs 750 for non IHMA members                              Rs 800 for non IHMA members
Rs 450 for students                                                      Rs 500  for students
For registration : Dr Zachariah Joseph – +91 9497584447 ,
Dr Chandran PN – +91 9447352466

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