IHMA Kerala Model Homeopathy MD Entrance Exam 2011 Paper.1

Time Allowed: 1 Hour and 30 minutes
Maximum Marks: 600

  2. Please verify that your test booklet contains 16 pages, including answer sheet.
  3. This Test Booklet contains 150 items (questions). Each item comprises four responses (answers). You will select the response which you want to mark on the Answer Sheet. In case you feel that there is more than one correct response, mark the response which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE response for each item.
  4. You have to mark all your responses by shading the bubbles on the separate Answer Sheet provided. DO NOT write anything on the Answer sheet.
  5. Negative Marking: In order to discourage wild guessing, the score will be subject to penalization formula based on the number of right answers actually marked and the number of wrong answers marked. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 mark. 1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer. More than one answer marked against a question will be deemed as an incorrect response and will be negatively marked. No negative marks for un attended questions
  6. The Answer key along with the results of this exam will be published in our website www.ihma.in
  7. Please note the matching ROLL NUMBERS given in your question booklet and answer sheet

1) Empty, faint feeling in stomach with loathing of food and obstinate constipation with no desire for stool is a combination that must generally have

  • a) Alumina     b) Opium
  • c) Hydrastis   d) Anacardium

2) The extreme restlessness of the limbs is like Ars and it is a deep acting medicine like Ars., and it sometimes has cured where Ars. has failed although it seemed well selected

  • a) Ars iod                    b) Tarentula
  • c) Anthracinum       d) Calcarea Ars

3) Potatoes and starchy foods disagree with the patient like Alumina., according to Dr. Kent

  • a) Bryonia                   b) Colocynth
  • c) Natrum Sulph      d) Natrum Mur

4) In its chronic manifestations is overburdened with heat, but in an acute trouble is chilly

  • a) PuIsatiIIa           b)SiIicea
  • c) Merc sol              d) Natrum Mur

5) Which patient is “sensitive to cold and there is a marked lack of vital heat” but at the same time “sensitiveness to a warm atmosphere when there are head and spine symptoms”

  • a) Sepia           b)Lycopodium
  • c) Merc sol    d) Ledum pal

6) “In acute complaints there is violent thirst, in chronic complaints thirstIessness.” The remedy is

  • a) PuIsatiIIa & Apis    b) Ars Alb & Apis
  • c) Camphor & Apis     d) Camphor & Ars Alb

7) He goes into a rage when he sees the doctor, saying: “Go home, I am not sick, I did not send for you.” The remedy is

  • a) Arnica only                  b) Arnica & Apis
  • c) Arnica & Bryonia      d) Arnica & Stram

8) Children are late in learning to talk and walk, thus combining the features of two remedies, Natrum muriaticum, which has the symptom “Iate learning to walk” and Calcarea carb, which has the symptom “Iate learning to talk”. Remedy is

  • a) Borax                    b) Agaricus
  • c) Natrum carb     d) Causticum

9) Remedy “is the very opposite of all things fastidious. Arsenicum is the typical fastidious patient, and these two remedies are the extremes of each other”. Kent speaks about Arsenic and

  • a) SuIphur       b)Capsicum
  • c) Merc sol      d)Psorinum

10) “The rattling in the chest is as marked as in Antimonium tartaricum; the tenacious mucus is as copious, as gluey and stringy as in Kali bichromicum” in

  • a) KaIi suIph        b) Senega
  • c) KaIi iod             d) Causticum

11) In which remedy do you find rectal symptoms with “we find the haste of Sulphur, the flatulence of Oleander. and Aloe, and difficulty of expelling a soft stool like Alumina, China and Nux moschata” ?

  • a) Psorinum                 b) Podophyllum
  • c) Lycopodium          d) Veratrum Alb

12) “HystericaI subjects may not have chorea constantly, but as soon as she retires at night the whole of the side Iain on will commence to jerk and prevent her from going to sleep”.Remedy is

  • a) Ignatia                               b) Agaricus
  • c) Tarentula Hispanica   d) Actea Racemosa

13) Nausea from Mental Exertion, thinking etc. is found in

  • a) Borax                          b) Natrum Mur
  • c) Natrum Carb           d) Natrum Phos

14) “CompIaints develop slowly, i.e. , slowly for acute conditions.” in

  • a) Bryonia             b) Rhus Tox
  • c) Ferrum Phos d) Kali Mur

15) Pains are increased by noise in

  • a ) Coffea only                      b) Coffea and Nux vomica
  • c) Nux vomica only        d) None of the above

Download the full question paper (150 questions) : www.homeobook.com/pdf/ihma-mdentrance-2011-1.pdf

Download revised answer key : www.homeobook.com/pdf/ihma-answerkey2011.pdf

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