IMPRINT-India Healthcare project on Homoeopathy- give your suggestions

imprintThis may be an initiative with tremendous opportunity for Homeopathy. You may offer  your comments directly to the co-ordinators.

IMPRINT-India Healthcare
An MHRD led Pan-IIT, IISc initiative to develop National Road Map for Healthcare domain: Coordinated by IIT Kharagpur.

The IITs, IISc and other Institutions funded by the Union Government are ready to work with the youngest Ministry of AYUSH (MoAyush) and its important Departments of ISM & H as well as AYUSH in implementing the R&D goals envisioned under National Policy on ISM&H.

Our Mission is – creating the Protocols, products and processes. MoAyush, MHRD and MoES can work together to launch jointly funded Innovation and Translation programs connecting ISM&H industries and IITs/IISc towards characterization and formulations of traditional Medicines with modern standardization, using unique Phytomedicinals (from ~8000 plant species) and ocean (largely unexplored) resources.


  • R&D infrastructure ACROSS THE INSTITUTIONS must be modernized and upgraded to world-class.
  • Creation of strategic R&D plan to connect TH with modern healthcare system.
  • First approach should be to generate human resource and Impart training to the existing staff of the scientists of ccras/Ccrum/ccrs/ccrh and faculty of ayurvedic/unani/sidha exposing them to the emerging scientific technologies for undertaking Process of validation of traditional medicines.
  • Initiating nationally networked projects between 11 Institutes under AYUSH and Institutes of national importance (IITs/IISc/IISER).
  • Increasing R&D expenditure to the tune of 10% of healthcare budget
  • Establishing Centres of Excellence in metabolite profiling and bioactivity testing in vivo.

Medium term:

  • Hospitals in the country must follow both (ISM & allopathic) healthcare systems together.
  • Developing Interdisciplinary research culture embedding senses of ‘Knowledge Continuum’ for meaningful integration of ‘Qualitative medical/biological domain knowledge with quantitative techniques’.
  • Increasing R&D expenditure to the tune of 20% of healthcare budget (in 5 years).

Long term:

  • Creation of a surveillance database for traditional medicine to record post marketing trial data.
  • Draft legislation on TK and stakeholder consultation.
  • Establishment of new R&D Institutes and hospital throughout the country.
  • Establishing new R&D Centres in academic institutions, for validation and global acceptance of TH
  • Set up of congenial regulatory infrastructure for enhanced export of T &CM under Ministry of AYUSH.

Coordinators :Theme 10

Partha Roy IIT Roorkee  :

Satyahari Dey IIT Kharagpur :

There are 15 theme areas and Rs. 1000 crores will be available every year

Web :

This may be an initiative with tremendous opportunity for Homeopathy. You may offer  your comments directly to the co-ordinators

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