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Indian Government orders related to Homoeopathy

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Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali

NCH Homoeopathy PG regulations 2024 English, Hindi 

NCH Minimum Essential Standard Regulations 2024 EnglishHindi  

NCH MSR for new Homoeopathic colleges 2024

NCH Assessment and Rating of Medical Institutions Regulations, 2024

Karnataka HC Judgement against NCH leaders 

NCH Research Regulations 2023 

Exit Exam clarification from NCH 

National Examinations in Homoeopathy Regulations 2023,

NCH direction on Clinical pathogenetic trials and drug provings in Homoeopathy 

Competency-Based Dynamic Curriculum for First BHMS 2023 

NCH guidelines for Fee in Private Homoeopathic Medical Colleges

NCH exam regulations 2023 draft

Download BHMS regulation 2022 English 

Download BHMS regulation 2022 Hindi 

Special Committee for Drug Proving in Homoeopathy

Madras High Court Judgement – Ayush practitioners can practice allopathy 

Reply to National Insurance Compnany by CCRH 

Reply to National Insurance compamny by NCH 

Homeopathy doctors can issue a certificate for driving license 

Recognition of UG PG qualifications 2022 by NCH 

National list of essential Ayush Medicines 2022

NCH letter and AIIMS Reply on a degradative statement on Homoeopathy  NCH letter  AIIMS reply

CCRH DG appointment 2022

List of colleges permitted for 2021-22 admission by NCH

List of colleges denied permission for 20221-22 admission by NCH 

Cut off date of PG admission, classes and examinations 2021-22 admission

Budget allocation 2022 Ayush Homeopathy 

Adjunct registration at NCH 

NCH notification on direct central registration 2021 Dec 

Constitution of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of PCIM&H 

Draft of National Health Research Policy- 2021 

STSH clarification by CCRH

NCH Public notice on Central Registration Nov 2021 

CCHSecond Schedule upto July 2021 

import of new Homoeopathy medicine Gazette- Drug and Cosmetic rule 

Nomination to National Council for Homoeopathy from different states 

Allopathy and Ayush doctors should have the same salary and retirement age – Supreme Court 

Formation of  national Commission for homoeopathy 2021

Adjunct registration for Homoeopathy practitioners in other states 

Home care  guidelines  for children  and Advisory for AYUSH Practitioners about prophylactic care in Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CCRH – Information for Homoeopathy Practitioners for Symptomatic Management of Suspected and Diagnosed cases of Mucormycosis

Augmenting AYUSH Human resources for COVID – 19 May 2021

CCRH revised guidelines on Homoeopathy in Covid management April 2021

Homoeopathy Guidelines on Covid 19 by Ministry of Ayush Sept 2020

Guidelines On Covid 19 for Ayurved, Unani & Homoeopathy Practitioners  Sept 2020

Ministry of Ayush updated Guidelines for Homoeopathy and AYUSH Clinical Studies in COVID-19 Corona Ayush advisory feb 2020 

Supre Court Judgment permitting homoeopathy doctors to treat Covid 19

Download the document Corona Virus and Homoeopathy – Dr Ajit Kulkarni 

Guidelines for the Establishment of AYUSH Super Speciality hospitals and Day care centres under Champion Services Sector Scheme

CCH Letter Relaxation to Homoeopathy Medical Colleges for 2021 -22 session

Constitution of advisory committee to Ministry of Ayush 2021

Promotion of CGHS Ayurveda Homoeopathy Unani Siddha Physicians as Chief Medical Officers GO March 2021

Public notice regarding direct registration in CCH 2021

Letter to state registrars on Direct registration

Second Schedule of CCH – Recognised Medical Qualifications in Homoeopathy Granted by Universities, Boards or Medical Institutions in India  Nov 2020

Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, Medical Officer (Homoeopathy) and Senior Medical Officer (Homoeopathy), Group ‘A’ Posts, Recruitment Regulations, 2020.

Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy Pharmacy Central Council draft bill 2016

List of Homoeopathy Colleges allowed/denied for admission in 2020-21 academic year

Homoeopathic Practitioners (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics) Amendment, Regulations, 2020. – Telemedicine Practice Guidelines

SC Judgment permitting homeopathy doctors to treat Covid 19

CCH inspection format 

TA form CCH inspection 

AACCC issues notice on Disability Certificate and  centres for PWD Candidates seeking admission in AYUSH Courses

Termination of NHM PG teachers experience counted Nov 2020 Covid 19 Ayush guide line Sept 2020 MUHS Maharashtra Covid guidelines on Ayuhs Sept 2020  Meaning of Ayush

The National Commission for Homoeopathy Act 2020 Gazette Notification

Clearance needed for Ayuh Covid related products 

Download CCRH fact sheet on Covid 19 and Homoeopathy Guidelines On Covid 19 for Ayurved, Unani & Homoeopathy Practitioners  Sept 2020

Revised guidelines for central nomination to Ayush admission 2020-21 AYUSH Order Covid 19 interdisciplinary research

Download CCRH fact sheet on Covid 19 and Homoeopathy 

Download Delhi Govt order utilising AYUSH Treatment centers in Delhi including NHMC Corona Ayush advisory feb 2020 

National Consultation on Family Medicine Programme Report and Recommendations

Download the document

Extension of the contract period to three-year CCRH order 

GST exemption to ayush sector 

Exemption wholesale Homoeopathy 2015 Gazatte notification 

Amendment in Recruitment Rules of Group ‘A’ posts in Ayurveda, Homoeopathv and Unani stream under the Ministry of AYUSH(draft)

CCH Inspection Ministry letter March 2020

Guidelines instructions for colleges regarding visitation (2020-21)

To ensure the actual presence of teachers in college-regarding

Unique teachers ID by CCH 

All teachers should submit notarized affidavit – Ministry letter

Teachers code in CCH website :

Ayush NEET NRI Management seat 

NEET is compulsory for Ayush students – Supreme court judgement 

Disability Homoeopathy PG regulation amendment 2019 

10% reservation to economically weaker section students 

List of Ayush colleges permitted for EWS admission 

Dissertation and Synopsis Writing protocol Format by CCH 

If you have CCH registration – You can practice anywhere in India 

Biomedical waste and Homoeopathy – Gujarat 

Download AYUSH letter on internship transfer 

Govt of India permits Ayush doctors to conduct delivery

Essential drug list homeopathy by Ministry of Ayush 

Gujarat Govt – recruitment rules for Homoeopathy Medical Colleges Lecturer, Reader 

Working hours of Homoeopathy Medical Colleges 

Duty hours of Homoeopathy Medical Colleges 

MSR regulations April 2019 

Drug controllers and inspectors Ayush system 

Amended Modern Pharmacology Syllabus 2019 MUHS

Homeopathy doctor administrating allopathic medicines is medical negligence: NCDRC

MUHS pay scale for teachers 

President extended BoG to two years  

Acupuncture recognised by Govt of India

Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia committee re-constituted 

List of Homoeopathy Medical Colleges Permitted for 2019 – 20 admission

List of Homoeopathy Medical Colleges permitted for 208-19 admission 

University Grants Commission (Promotion Of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2018 

Homoeopathy Central Council (Ammendment) Ordinance, 2018

Ayush Ministry initiated action against Ernakulam Medical Centre Kochi – on account of defamatory statement against Ayush systems

Supreme Court judgment on the role of AYUSH Ministry and the Central Council of Homoeopathy 2018

Ayush doctors should prescribe their medicines only – Odisha Govt order

Homoeopathy doctors can prescribe all certificates as of a GP

Ayush Medicine Kit 

BHMS graduates are eligible as faculty for MSc subjects 

Doctors of all streams can use prefix dr

UGC prevention plagiarism regulations 2018 

Ministry of Ayush letter regarding – review and effective functioning of the State Regulatory Framework for Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy drugs 27 July 2018 

Homoeopaths can give all types of Certificates – CCH order 

Aadhar based geo location based attendance system in Ayush Colleges 

Uploading teaching staff details in college website and centre 

Ayush PG Entrance Exam 2018 

2018 Ayush admission through NEET only 

Ministry letter to Homoeopathy Medical Colleges on admission prior to CCH inspection 2018

NEET is compulsory for 2018 Ayush admissions 

Enhancement of retirement age of Ayush doctors 

DTAB Draft bill on sale of Homoeopathy Medicines 2017 

Superannuation pension of Ayush doctors 2017 

Guidelines on inspection of Homoeopathy colleges 2017

Draft of National Commission for Homoeopathy 2017

Extension of cut of date of Ayush admission 2017 to 8th November 2017

Permission and denial of admission to Homoeopathy Medical Colleges 2017 – Final order by Ministry of Ayush

Drug and cosmetic 11th amendments rule 2017

GO regarding misleading advertisement by AYUSH industry 12.07.2017

NEET not compulsory for AYUSH system in 2017 admission

Homoeopathy doctors can issue all certificates 

Appoint and Promote only MD teachers in Homoeopathy Medical Colleges 

Salary of Homoeopathy Medical College teachers through Bank only 

UGC Minimum standard requirements for awarding PhD MPhil 2016 regulation 

Minutes of the 12th meeting of central supervisory board on 30th March 2005 on Ayush practitioners and PNDT

Nominated members to Central Council of Homoeopathy 2014 

No admission prior to inspection of CCH 2014 

Homoeopathy Central Council amendment 2014

Expiry date of Homoeopathic medicines

GST exemption to Ayush practitioners 

CCH MSR amendment 2013  A

Ayush doctors must prescribe their own medicines in NRHM and National Health programs

Implementation of dynamic assured career progression to Ayush doctors

Parliamentary standing committee report on Community health course 2013

Proforma for Registered Practitioners under Homoeopathy for AYUSH IN INDIA 2013

Opinion invited on new PG courses by Ministry 2012 

Organon,MM & Repertory teachers can conduct MD(Hom) Exams in PM, Pharmacy,Pediatrics etc

Homeopathy doctors and hospitals can use auxiliary measures like IV,Oxygen tc. (pdf)  

Permission to practice Allopathy for Ayurveda and Unani doctors

Permission to use IV fluids and deliveries by Homoeopaths – CCH 

Delhi declaration on traditional medicine for south east asian countries 2013

Empanelment of AYUSH hospitals/Centres under CGHS and CS(MA) Rules for Ayurveda Unani, Homoeopathy etc GO 2008

NRHM UP – Judgment in favor of Male Homeopathic Doctors

Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act 2010

Homeopathy pharmacy course proposed by Delhi homeopathy board office

SBMR – State board of medical research invites proposal for research

Homeopathic medicines containing more than 12% ethyl alcohol should not be sold in bottles more than 30ml – Madras & Bombay High Court Verdict

A physiotherapist is not a doctor 

Supreme court judgment on the tenure of Homoeopathy and ISM council members 

Bombay HC asks State Govt to take final decision on LCEH issue

Surgery by Ayush Govt of India order 

Madaras High Court verdict – Ayuvdea, Homeopathy, Siddha people can practice surgery & medicine – Court order

Government Response to the Science and Technology Committee report ‘Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy’at UK

Govt of India permits Ayush doctors for Ultrasonography and radiography

Registered practitioners homeopathy are eligible to practice surgery, obg & anestehsia

External MD in Homeopathy – Kerala University PVC Commission Report

Application form for training in homeopathic medicine manufacturing at HOMCO Kerala

Suggestions invited on draft of Public Health Act Kerala

Scheme for Central Nomination to BAMS,BUMS,BSMS,BHMS Courses

The practice of medicine and pharmacy examiners for PG 2008



  1. Sir,
    According to CCH Act , 1973 The minimum qualifications and age for appointment of teaching staff to the various posts shall be in accordance with Annexure ‘E’. In this Annexure it is written that the minimum qualifications for a lecturer is either MD in Homoeopathy or 4 years professional experience. But in U.P. these qualifications are not regularized as they want 3 years teaching experience as essential qualification and MD is just a preferential qualification. What is the cause behind this….Please send my request to CCH about this. Thank You Sir

  2. Sir,
    According to CCH Act , 1973 The minimum qualifications and age for appointment of teaching staff to the various posts shall be in accordance with Annexure ‘E’. In this Annexure it is written that the minimum qualifications for a lecturer is either MD in Homoeopathy or 4 years professional experience. But in U.P. these qualifications are not regularized as they want 3 years teaching experience as essential qualification and MD is just a preferential qualification. What is the cause behind this….Please send my request to CCH about this.

  3. janardan rai nagar rajashthan vidhyapeeth homoeopathic medicall college dabok udaipur me cch ke rules ka follow nahi kiya jata hai
    > college me staff incomplete hai
    > student se black money liya jata hai
    > opd nam ki hi hai
    > money ke liye cch niyam ke anusar age nahi hone bavjud kam age wale student ko admission diya jata hai

  4. It is good and relaxing news for us that the Madras High court have given dicision that registered homoeopath can do practice in SURGERY OBGY AND ANAESTHESIA in future these are the way of climbing ladder of top

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