Individualized case study for treatment of psoriasis with homoeopathy

Dr Alpana Rawat 

Homoeopathy has been established the most beneficial in fighting against Psoriasis. It is not only a cosmetic problem but a psychological trauma as well with a lot of pain, so the most harmless and reliable method is required for the treatment i.e. Homoeopathic Medicine, other modes of treatment like steroids and external application gives temporary relief. With a holistic perspective after individualizing the case which was wonderfully treated with Pulsatilla. 

Key words Psoriasis, Pulsatilla, erythematous dry plaque, synthesis repertory Introduction 

A chronic inflammatory disease of skin, which can either caused by genetic factor- identical twins have a concordance rate of 50-70% there is a strong association of the disease with HLA -Cw6 and a weaker association with HLA B13 B17 and DR7, environmental factors- infection (streptococcal HIV), trauma, drugs sunlight, stress etc. Some characteristic features are well circumscribed erythematous dry plaque of various size, covered with mica like scales with itching, burning and lifting larger scales may result in capillary bleeding(Auspitz sign) or at the sight of trauma develops a psoriatic lesion (Koebner’s phenomenon); the most common sites are on knee, elbows, trunk and scalp. There are five official types of psoriasis i.e. plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular and erythrodermic but most common is Plaque Psoriasis. In homoeopathy after individualization the treatment that utilise higher dilution of substance in order to treat the disease, as given in aphorism 5, chronic disease is due to chronic miasm in order to investigate it, accessory circumstances should be taken in order to cure the disease. Homoeopathy is the most efficient tool for the treatment of disease. 

A day will come when homoeopathic treatment will be the most fruitful, reliable and harmless mode of treatment for Psoriasis with marvelous results. 

Case History
A case of five-year-old female patient with her parents came to an OPD of Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre Agra. Presenting an itching eruption with plaques scratching causes bleeding, eruption on abdomen, back and forearm. 

It began when the child was two years of age, she had received steroids and external application before which only gave the temporary relief to her but reoccurred in a more intensified manner. 

Her complaints aggravated at night and with warm causes burning and itching, she was mild and yielding nature but angered easily, thirstless with good appetite, aversion – oily food, stool -unsatisfactory. She had history of recurrent cold,

Homoeopathy is a safe and most effective tool that can be integrated into practicing. Homoeopathy is most beneficial in fighting against Psoriasis it not only at physical level but at the mental level. Other modes of treatment is steroids and external applications with temporary relief. But homoeopathic treatment is the most successful and beneficial treatment in the most reliable and harmless way (figure 1, figure 2). A day will come when homoeopathic treatment will be the most fruitful, reliable, and harmless mode of treatment for Psoriasis with marvelous results. 

Dr Alpana Rawat
M.D. (Student)
Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital and Research Centre Agra, India.

Download complete case record with images 

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