Infertility due to uterine fibroid manged by Homoeopathy

Dr Shahnaz Madiwale

The precise impact of fibroids, the most common benign gynecological tumours in women, on reproductive function and infertility is unknown. The need to treat submucosal fibroids is widely accepted, but fibroids in other locations and sizes continue to present a clinical conundrum. Infertility may be broadly subdivided into primary and secondary infertility. This case study is about the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines in treating infertility caused due to Uterine Fibroid, which is the most common pelvic tumor in women. Day by day, the case of uterine Fibroids is increasing, where they are causing difficulty in conceiving or leading to miscarriages.

Lower abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, and abnormal uterine bleeding are other common symptoms. While conventional medicine does not offer any satisfactory treatment except surgical removal of Myomas (Myomectomy) or in extreme conditions, complete removal of Uterus (hysterectomy), Homoeopathy is a good alternative for the treatment of Myomas. In Opd of gynaecology ward from A. M Shaikh Homoeopathic medical college & Hospital , Belgaum ,  Karnataka. Well selected homoeopathic medicine and proper counseling lead the complete disappearance of fibroids. Duration of treatment varied from case to case depending on the size and total number of Myomas. The outcome of our study on uterine fibroid is very encouraging. Some of the patients who were childless due to large and multiple uterine fibroid got conceived with the help of homoeopathy. These results are very encouraging and giving us more confidence to work in the field of infertility

KeywordsInfertility, Fibroids, Homoeopathy, Sabina.

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