World Class International Homoeopathic Scientific Seminar UK

New Horizons in Water Science – ‘The Evidence for Homeopathy’ 1, Wimpole Street home of the Royal Society of Medicine – London 14th July 2018. 

British Lord and Medical Homeopath, launches astonishing Ground Breaking World Class International Scientific Seminar – supporting undisputed credibility for Homeopathy. 

After more than a year of planning,(Lord) Aaron Kenneth Ward-Atherton, a Consultant for Integrated Healthcare and his team in the UK, launched a huge international scientific seminar to prove Homeopathy has a scientific basis – which has sent a ‘shock wave’ around the globe. 

Delegates attending came from more than 20 countries to hear 6 prominent speakers deliver incredible scientific evidence to support Homeopathy. There were two Nobel Laureates amongst the scientific community presenting, at the Conference at the Royal Society of Medicine, under the auspices of 1 Wimpole Street London. 

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