Is Homoeopathy a Witchcraft ?

A Conspiracy with sinister design to malign Homoeopathy –What do we need to do?
A news published in The Times of India dated 17th May 2010 and released by PTI that British Medical Association (BMA) has termed Homoeopathy as witchcraft. It is shocking to know this from allopathic brothers in a Country where allopathic doctors take up Homoeopathy as profession and have confirmed the benefits it provides to the people. Not only this, the Royal family of the UK has been taking Homoeopathic treatment and also appointed as Hony. Homoeopathic physicians to the Queen & Royal family and recognized their medical credibility .

Now what should we do to avoid such remarks is a big question ,we need to find out the reasons and our short comings. It is high time that indivual tall claims are not going to save the homoeopathy ,on the contrary it is the Govt. bodies and authorities need to take a drastic step in propagating homoeopathy in a most scientific manner and show the Evidence based cases and reports. Our Homoeopathic Medical Colleges and hospitals need to publish the data in a scientific manner where it can be publishesd and the people from other side start recognizing the credibility of homoeopathy. By mere crying foul is not going to help anymore. We all homoeopaths must unite at this juncture to fight tooth and nail to preserve and save our science of homoeopathy before it is is being branded as a system of placebo effect or witchcraft or so on.

It should be taken up as wakeup call by CCRH, CCH , Homoeopathic Medical Collages, Medical Boards and Councils ,Research Institutes and Dispensaries and all private  practitioners of homoeopathy to show the world that what Dr. Hahnemann gave was not a fluke, but a definite science with basic principles which stands even today unchanged.

Over the past few years, detractors have focused their efforts in the United Kingdom and have succeeded in crippling homeopathic hospitals and clinics funded by the National Health Service, as well as the practices of many homeopaths. No wonder that Dr.Tom Dolphin Chairman of the BMA’s Juniour doctors committee has a very shallow knowledge about homoeopathy. It is heartening to know his latest updates are not upto the mark . Homoeopathy is definitely Scientific as it is based on certain fixed principles which stands same as they were before unlike the boasting of allopaths that they come with new wonder drug every now and then and finally it is being dumped as in the past Penicillin etc. what  happened to their claims ?  Today Allopaths have also started talking about the immune system which Dr. Hahnemann talked about 200 yrs ago as Vital Energy. It is their Ego and a feeling of insecurity which refrains them to acknowledge the efficacy of other alternative medical systems.

So why do the skeptics love to hate homeopathy? Perhaps because it is one of the most threatening alternative modalities – financially, philosophically, and therapeutically. Homoeopaths know clearly their limitations and see that patient’s health is the prime concern and therfore do not mind referring the patients where ever better treatment is available. Actually, homeopathy has been a threat to allopathy ever since the 1800s, when German physician Samuel Hahnemann developed the homeopathic system. It is pity on the part of young allopaths of BMA who are misinformed about Homoeopathy and making up their mind simply on the basis that high dilution medicines are used in Homoeopathy which do not contain the testable molecule of the original substance. Though this may not have an explanation according to the knowledge  of science so far, but that does not make a conclusion that it is not a science.

What the skeptics keep ignoring, however, are an increasing number of scientific studies that indicate that some kind of signature of the original substance is embedded in a potentized ultradilution. In a 2007 paper by Professor Rustom Roy, the founding director of the Materials Research Laboratory at Penn State and one of the world’s leading experts on the structure of water, it was demonstrated that lab instruments could pick up energetic signatures in ultradilutions that were not only specific to individual homeopathic remedies, but to specific potencies of these remedies.

So who are the masterminds behind this campaign against Homoeopathy – Probably Some scientists hired by Big Pharmas? What are these Big Pharmas are scared of?  What if an expensive drug could be potentized to create billions of effective doses at essentially no cost? It would destroy big pharmas entirely. Medicines that cost essentially nothing ? Nontoxic ultradiluted medicines that cause fewer side effects? How could the coffers of Big pharma be sustained?

Do millions of patients lie if after taking Homoeopathic Medicines they say that they are better, that they are cured. BMA says that people are befooled as these Homoeopathic medicines are only a placebo therapy. Even if we accept (though not true) that Homoeopathic medicine is placebo, does that not mean that such number of patients do not require even allopathy too and therefore spending so much money on costly allopathic medicine is not only waste but the side effects they produce require further treatment and so a vicious circle goes on and ultimately the patient forgets his original disease for which he started allopathic treatment but carries new drug induced problems which are more complicating than the original disease. Today Iatrogenic diseases (Diseases caused by Medicines or Drug Induced Diseases) are very common and a large number of people are not only suffering but are also dying because of these.

Poor countries with less access to expensive drugs have already discovered this. That’s why homeopathy is the second most widespread form of medicine in the world. In India, homeopathy is a full-fledged medical system with its own medical schools and hospitals. Homeopaths in India successfully treat the full range of diseases, including AIDS, cancer, and malaria.

In Cuba, a poor country with a limited health care system,homeopathy is being used more and more. In 2008, 2.5 million Cubans were given a homeopathic remedy to prevent Leptospirosis, an infectious disease also known as swamp fever. This disease has plagued the country for several years in the aftermath of flooding, but the year in which homeopathy was used, in contrast to previous years, there were no fatalities and very few cases of the disease.

Therefore people should not fall prey to these sinister designs of maligning Homoeopathy. Homoeopaths are serving the society without any prejudice to any other system of medicine. They consider each system has its own strength which should be harnessed and put into use for the benefit of the masses.

Recently on 19th May   A special Live program on Homoeopathy was telecasted on TOTAL TV wherein discussion was done by Dr.A.K.Gupta ,Member Delhi Homoeopathic Board and Dr. Rajeev Gupta Rheumatologist of MedCity . The host put forward the question raised by the BMA  which was unanimously condemned by bothe the experts of Alopathy and Homoeopathy. It was a clear message for the viewers that Homoeopathy has a scientific background and is a system with good results. Though it was suggested by Dr.rajeeev Gupta that homoeopaths should come forward with their Scientific Papers and publish the Evidence Based Cases to counter such remarks.

Now it is for our CCRH team that it should bring all the work done to be made public. All homoeopathic doctors should try to keep the full records of the patient with evidences of response and cure. Lets all of us take a plunge that we will not leave any stone unturned in respect of bring the Glory of homoeopathy which it duly deserves and not let it get maligned by the conspirators against homoeopathy.

Dr.A.K.Gupta, MD(Hom.)
Member Delhi Board of Homoeopathy
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