Karnataka Govt releases directory on AYUSH systems

BANGALORE: In an effort to promote traditional Indian medicine, Department of AYUSH, government of Karnataka recently launched the 1st edition of AYUSH directory. The directory, jointly released by BIZ-X was launched at Santhagiri Ashram in Bangalore last week.

Karnataka Ayush Directory – First Edition is the most comprehensive Healthcare Directory with accurate healthcare information, articles provided by the experts and colourful advertisements. Perhaps this is a first of its kind in the entire country.

“AYUSH Directory has six important sections giving valuable information about Ayurvedic system – Yoga & Naturopathy System – Unani System – Siddha System – Homoeopathic System of Health Care and information about various educational and therapeutic centres of these different systems catering to the needs of common man,” said Dr G Sreekanthaiah, director, AYUSH.

The directory has been compiled in 6 sections. Section one contains Concept and principles of Ayurveda, a complete science which emphasizes about preventive care through healthy living (Dinacharya) Articles on pregnancy care (Pumsavna), Infant care, Geriatric care, Eye care, Quality of food and Home Remedies. Section two is about principles and practices of Yoga and Naturopathy have been highlighted beautifully in the Second section.

Section Three gives detail historical background of Unani system, its scope and efficiency in the management of Vitiligo, Eczema, Filariasis, Malaria and about various natural therapeutic measures like Regimental therapy, Turkish bath, Diet therapy etc. Section Four: Takes us to the world of the Siddhas who have given us a treasure of knowledge about the body and the universe along with simple but effective remedies for various skin disorders, sexually transmitted disorders, urinary infections and digestive disorders. The research paper on Hypercholesterolemia is interesting and informative.

Section Five gives the historical background and principle of Homoeo remedies and the article on the Prophylactic approach in the management of Dengue fever in indeed informative. That apart, the Directory also carries interesting articles on drinking of water, food as medicine, sleep etc. Colorful and attractive pictures crisscrossing the Directory catch the mind of the reader.

Six Section is an elaborate list of various Educational Centers. Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Manufacturing companies coming under the umbrella of AYUSH, This will surely be a ready reckoner for the reader to easily avail the facilities times of need.

“I am confident that this initiative will act as a small catalyst in empowering the Health Industry and its stake holders enabling the State to emerge as the world’s most preferred health destination,” said M Ramesh, director, BIZ-X. [Source]

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