Kerala Health Minister endorses homoeopathy for Covid-19 fight

Kerala Health Minister Mrs. Shailaja Teacher stated that homoeopathy medicines are effective in curbing the Covid-19 spread. The number of coronavirus positive cases among those who took the homoeopathy preventive medicine was very low and those who got infected were also found coming out of the infection swiftly.

The homoeopaths point out instances of ‘very few’ Covid-19 infection among people who took homoeopathic preventive medicine. District medical officer of Pathanamthitta, Dr Biju Kumar had even brought out a report in this regard. Some local body representatives had also earlier stated that the number of Covid-19 cases in localities where homoeopathic preventive medicines were distributed was very low.

The Indian Medical Association Kerala strongly criticised the Minister alleging that she is endorsing homoeopathy for Covid-19 even as there is no scientific study, but merely based on some reports that are not scientific studies conducted as per the standard norms. 

The Institute of Homoeopaths-Kerala state president Dr K N Santosh Kumar said that the homoeopaths are open to any scientific study conducted by the government to address the concern of those raising objection against the use of homoeopathy for Covid-19.

“The allopaths are questioning the scientific effects of homoeopathy. But they themselves are also making experiments like plasma therapy. The homoeopaths are highly confident in fighting Covid-19. But owing to the strong pressure by the lobbies in modern medicine, it is not being allowed,” he said.

The Vaidya Maha Sabha, a forum of traditional medical practitioners, has also strongly backed the Health Minister. It also alleged that the allopaths are often trying to downgrade traditional medical streams like Ayurveda owing to professional jealousy.

The AYUSH department of the centre had earlier issued an advisory on the use of Indian traditional medicine practices like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani in fighting Covid-19.

It specifically suggested Homoeopathy medicines for fighting Covid-19. But even then strong camping was unleashed against traditional medicines, allegedly by the commercial lobbies involved in modern medicines.