Kerala PSC Homeopathy Materia Medica Tutor Exam paper 1991

Question Paper of  Kerala Public Service Commission Tutor in Materia Medica Examinations 1991
Maximum:100marks Time : 2 hrs only

1.Mazger did an experiment with cimicifuga in 1951 and 1953 with 17 persons of whom 14 women physicians. Write the modalities and sphere of action of this drug on its reproving. (5 marks)

2.The great “thirstless’ pulsatilla patients are thirsty on three occasions. What are the occasions ? (3 marks)

3. Write two drugs each to .the following.

  • (a) Cough on brushing the teeth.
  • (b) Difficult respiration > by eating. (4 marks)

4. Give one word answer:

  • (a) “ltching of the skin worse after coition “
  • (b) “ Dreaming of skeleton.”
  • (C) What is “ Apioum virus “
  • (4) A drug having clock like modality.
  • (e) ‘ Better by thinking” (5 marks)

5. Describe the disease causation in co1ocynth. Write it’s drug relationship.(4 marks)

6. Write three sentences for each drug:. ( 5 marks)
Mental symptoms of Benzoic acid and cyclamen

7. Write the most appropriate drug:

  • (a) Itching appears each year in a patient having headache that alternate with lumbago.
  • (b) Toothache relieved by opening the mouth and drawing in cold air.
  • (c) Cannot. bear to be touched : Start touched ever so lightly especially on the feet.
  • (d) Complementary and follow up drug to Rhustox in injury.
  • (e) Exfoliation of the skin during full and realmoon (5 marks)

8. Write short notes on dipsomania. The commonly used drugs, potency and repetition are also to be mentioned.         10 Marks

9. What are the rules to be followed in a case of Ars alb in different disease conditions in different potency? (5Marks)

10. What is the drug scientifically proved and found to be effective for AIDS at Prinston University in America ? What is the name the Scientist?  ( 2 marks)

11. Differentiate a Cyclamen menses with Zinc. met. (5 marks)

12. Compare and contrast the following:—

  • (a) Cough of cup met and stannum met.
  • (b) Skin symptoms of croton tig and thüja.           (10 marks)

13 What is the meaning of desire to be magnetized ? Write three appropriate drugs.(5 marks)

14. Give the indications of the following :

  • (a) Raphanus in mental symptoms,
  • (b) Staphisagria in sexual passion.
  • (c) Kali carb in rheumatism.
  • (d) Sulphur iodide in skin disease.
  • (e) Myopic astigmatism of Lil.tig. (20 marks)

15 How will you prescribe the following by giving sufficient reasons —

  • (a) Ledum and Hypericum in injuly.
  • (b) Mezerium and Petroleum in skin disease. (12 marks)

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