Kerala PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Exam paper 1998

Maximum : 100 marks Time : 2 hours
Write the answers in English.
Answer all questions.
Answers should be accurate and brief.

1. Write one drug which is more suitable :

  • (a) At every menstrual nisus throat, mouth and tongue intolerably dry, especially when sleeping.
  • (b)for impotence, spasm, cold sweat excessive smoking.
  • (c) Must changes position frequently, but it is painful and gives little relief.
  • (d) Extremely terrible, impatient become or offended on being questioned.

2. What is the meaning of Dipsomania .

3. Describe the role of Silicia and Sulphur in respiratory disease due to air pollution.

4. What is the normal pH of vaginal secretion where a natural bactericidal action is being effected

5. What are the different ways of preventing diseases through Hom. medicines?

6. Describe what is Clinical Symptoms, Give an example.

7. (a) Describe what are clinical remedies, give an example.
(b) How many different categories of pain are used in Kent’s Repertory? What are they ?

8. What are the three Homoeopathic concept of disease causation ?

9. Describe the aetiology and modalities of the following drugs :

  • (a) Actea rec.
  • (b) Apis Mell.
  • (c) Ant. crud.

10. Give any five important modalities of the following drugs :

  • (a) Eupat. perf.
  • (b) Medorrhinum
  • (c) Mephites.
  • (d) Opium.
  • (e) Staphisagria.

11.(a) Causticum and Nat.mur in warts .
(b) Belladonna and Glonoine in Head ache .

12. How will you identify the cough of a psoric, sycotic and syphilitic patient.

13. What are the clinical representation to be viewed in order to ascertain the function of the kidney ?

14. Write one word answer :

  • (a) How many genetically different parasites of malaria are seen in India ?
  • (b) What is the time taken for nicotine absorption ?
    (i) From blood to brain.
    (ii) From Other source to brain.
  • (c) What is the quickening date and expected date of labour for women having conception on Oct. 2nd ?

15. Write the most appropriate one or two drugs :

  • (a) Sensation as if “removed with a knife, body in left side of throat could be.”
  • (b) Sensation as if ” needles in head.”
  • (c) Sensation as if ” Paralysed about to be.”
  • (d) Sensation as if ” Events that occurred in her dreams were not for hours but for week’s and month’s duration.”
  • (e) Sensation as if ” Evils he had done .”

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