Kerala PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Exam paper 1993

Maximum : 100 marks Time : 2 hours
Write the answers in English.
Answer all questions.
Answers should be accurate and brief.

1. (a) What are the essentials of a Homoeopathic prescription ?
(b) What is the only indication for the selection of a remedy ?

2. (a) How do we discover the action of remedies ?
(b) What relations do drugs bear to each other ?

3 What is the accepted definition of a Homoeopathic physician ?

4. (a) What is meant by the ” mother tincture of a drug”?
(b) Name of the vehicle commonly used in Homoeopathic pharmacy.

5 (a) What are the different forms in which Homoeopathic Medicines can be obtained ?
(b) What conditions are to be observed in keeping Homoeopathic Medicines ?

6. Differentiate Aconite from Gelsemium in fevers .

7. Match the following medicines according to its symptoms :
(a) Restlessness & desire to continually move about    (1) Phosphorus
(b) Aversion to water and washing                                       (2) Alumina
(c) Bad effects of vaccination                                                   (3) Rhustox
(d) Exhausting albuminous Leucorroea                              (4) Sulphur
(e) Fatty degeneration of tissues, caries of bones.          (5) Thuja Occ.

8. Select suitable medicine for the following symptoms :
(a) Too late, coryza in late stages, indigestion two hours late after eating, menses never on time, too late, nothing is on time.
(b) A bruised, sore feeling all over the body; feel as if he had been pounded.
(c) They follow each other, but are antidotal if given together.
(d) Hot, red skin, flushed face, full hard pulse, throbbing carotids with delirium and hyperaesthesia of the senses.

9. (a) Match the etiological classification of the following communicable disease :-
(a) Diphtheria      (1) Sexually transmitted
(b) Poliomyelitis   (2) Bacteria
(c) Kala-azar       (3) Virus
(d) Leprocy         (4) Parasite
(e) Gonorrhoea    (5) Bacteria

(b) Give the normal differential leucocyte count and percentage adults.

10. What are the normal daily requirement of the following vitamins and the disease caused by its deficiency ?
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin B1.
(c) Vitamin C.
(d) Vitamin D.
(e) Vitamin E.

11. Prepare a specimen sickness certificate for a men of 50 years who is suffering from cervical spondylities and is under your treatments.

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