Kerala PSC Homoeopathy Tutor in Pharmacy Exam paper 1991

A series  170/2005     Maximum: 100 marks     Time : 2 hour
All questions carry equal marks.

1. Define he following :—
(a) Pharmacognosy.
(b) Active principles.
(c) Exotic plants.
(d) Prescription writing.
(e) Pharmacopoeia.

2. Write common names, parts used, class of mother tincture (old methods) and active principles of (i) Aconite Nap; (ii) China; (iii) Digitalis; (iv) Opium; and (v) Nux Vomica.

3. What is Potentisation ? Give the salient features of Centesimal and Decimal scales of potencies. Describe briefly different methods of potentisation.

4. Write short notes on

  • (i) Act regulating the manufacture, storage sales and transportation of Homoeopathic remedies.
  • (ii) Drug Inspector.
  • (iii) Proof strength of Alcohol.
  • (iv) Properties of Sugar of milk.
  • (v) Drug proving.

5. What is fluxion potency ? How will you convert Calcarea Carb 3C to liquid potency?

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