KPSC Official notification on Cancellation of Homeopathy tutors

Kerala Public Service Commission

No. GR I A(1)35416/09/GW Thiruvananthapuram

Dated: 26/07/2012

It is hereby notified that the notifications inviting applications from candidates for selection to the post of Tutor in Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges published in the Kerala Gazette dated 30/04/2010, 30/11/2010, 16/04/2010 in 10 subjects as specified below is cancelled.

  1. Tutor in Pathology
  2. Tutor in Case taking and Repertorisation
  3. Tutor in Surgery
  4. Tutor in Practice of Medicine
  5. Tutor in Materia Medica
  6. Tutor in Anatomy
  7. Tutor in Physiology and Bio-Chemistry
  8. Tutor in Organon of Medicine
  9. Tutor in Pharmacy
  10. Tutor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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  1. Ok! I will surely apply again, but on one condition – In case this is going to be cancelled like the previous one, I need compensation. We already lost one day for the previous test. We do not want to suffer from the mistake of others!!!!

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