Vacant posts in Homeopathy-Rajya Sabha Questions & Answers

Vacant posts in CGHS and AYUSH: Rajya Sabha Q&A

Government of India
Ministry of  Health and Family Welfare
Rajya Sabha


(a) Whether more than 18 posts of Homoeopathic doctors are lying vacant in CGHS/AYUSH since 2009;

(b) If so, the action taken to recruit new doctors;

(c) Whether post of Advisor (Homoeo) in AYUSH is vacant since January, 2008;

(d) If so, the reasons for next eligible persons not being promoted to that post;

(e) Whether many CGHS dispensaries/ units are running with single doctors and when the doctors are on leave, the dispensary remain closed causing great inconvenience to beneficiaries; and

(f) Whether doctors on contractual basis are not appointed till regular doctors are appointed; if so, reasons therefor?

ANSWERED ON-14.08.2012

(a) 29 posts of Homoeopathic doctors are lying vacant.

(b) Proposal to fill up the vacant posts of Medical Officer/Research Officer (Homeopathy) has been sent to Union Public Service Commission on 22.05.2012. However, the proposal has been returned by them with certain queries.

(c) The post of Advisor (Homeopathy) in AYUSH has been lying vacant since 1st September, 2008.

(d) As per Recruitment Rules, the post is to be filled up by promotion in consultation with Union Public Service Commission. Accordingly, the proposal to fill up this post has been sent to them on 05.07.2012.

(e) Some dispensaries are running with single doctor, however, when doctors are on leave proper care is taken to avoid inconvenience to the beneficiaries by deploying doctors from other dispensaries/units.

(f) Appointment of contractual doctors against vacant posts is made in CGHS till the regular doctors are appointed. Advertisement in this regard has been published in News paper on 9/8/2012.

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  1. why the homoeopathy is neglected since many years !!!!!!!!!!! where there only pathy which can give cure !!..

  2. The post for Advisor in Homoeopathy is vacant since 4 years. Great! It just shows the apathy of the Central Government towards Homoeopathy. As a matter of fact the measly provision of 1% in the budget towards health and family welfare shows how much the present Govrnment cares for the HEALTH OF THE NATION. The answer towards why the vacant posts have not been filled to date is highly unsatisfactory. Homoeopaths are looking out for jobs and it is still hard to believe the vague answers given by the honourable members of parliament.

  3. its really a matter of regret,when job is needed & delhi is in crisis of homoeo doctor,as i’ve worked in dr b r sur colllege in 1993,,i’ve tried 4 that,,

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